Question about frames/iframes and Clickbank

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If i open a frame/iframe within a wordpress blog post to my hoplink, would tracking/crediting work?

Using Internet Explorer, i see that the clickbank (hoplink) cookie is accepted, but the cookie from the vendor site is blocked.

Since the iframe to the site is opened top level (on the wordpress blog) i assume the link is "legal"?
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    Do you mean an iframe within your post that places the cookie on the person's computer? That should work fine.

    But if it's something like a redirect to the vendor's site but still has your domain name, you'll lose sales as the cookies don't place properly all the time
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      This is one of the methods of 'cookie stuffing'.

      It's a mega black-hat method, and can often get you banned from most affiliate programmes for being uncool.

      In short, it's barely even good in the short term - but don't expect anything back in the long term, especially if you earn a bad reputation from it.

      - James.
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    Clickbank TOS says you can't use frames -- that can get your account banned.

    That's why I always shake my head at the people who recommend link cloakers for affiliates that use a frame -- it's just dumb, but I see that recommended time after time.

    Jay Jennings
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    problem is their TOS is not clear in that regards.

    On one hand they say not to open hoplinks in hidden elements (pictures, iframes etc.) which is clear - but then they also say its ok to open a hoplink in an iframe if its the foremost window. I asked a CB CSR..waiting for his/her reply.
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    Instead i suggest you can force the user browser to open the links in new tabs without losing the visitor.There is a Wp plugin for that.Try it.
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      Originally Posted by rahulr View Post

      Instead i suggest you can force the user browser to open the links in new tabs without losing the visitor.There is a Wp plugin for that.Try it.
      What is the point or purpose/benefit of doing that? I thought the point of getting to your site was to get them to go on to your target as quickly as possible. So I am not understanding why you don't want to loose them. Can you expand on this.

      I always thought that frams and iframes were against the TOS of Clickbank. Hope that George will report back on what he finds out. Not sure I understand the benefit to using frams/iframes, but it would be nece to know the real Clickbank position on this anyway.

      Tim Pears

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