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by kf
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I'm trying to secure a domain that expired just over 60 days ago.

What's the best way to do this, without having to pay a large fee to the registrar?

And if backorder is the way to go, who is reliable for that?

Thanks in advance,
~ Kate

( .. and yes, I 'googled that' ... I'd like best practices/personal experience from folks here to ensure I have the best shot at it ... thx)
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    If it has value, it will likely go to auction. I've gotten several that way.

    There are several domain name auction houses, including

    You can download a free copy of Domain Samurai to help find where the domain is at auction:

    Domain Samurai

    It comes with 7 days of full features, then you can upgrade if you want to keep all the features. But the free version will find the domain listings.

    They also have some videos on how to go about finding domains and bidding on them.

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      Yeah, as thmark says above me, is the way to go.

      Usually if you just visit the domain name which has expired, there'll be a link to an auction. Just bid on there and wait it out :-)

      If not, just contact the seller directly from the WHOIS directory (if they're not listed as private).

      Also, do your research on the domain owner and add them on Twitter and Facebook etc, and generally do a bit of private-eye research to contact them in as many ways as possible.

      I've bought many expired domain names using these methods, so good luck :-)

      - James.
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        thmark and james ... thanks for your input guys.
        Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything. ~ Alexander Hamilton
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    anything other than Domain Samurai out there
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      Check in to see who the registrar is for the name. Backorder the name with a backorder service at the same registrar (could be Godaddy or Network Solutions for example)

      Then backorder the name at, too. Last I checked, you have to register with a credit card, but you don't have to pay _unless_ they catch the name when it drops ($60, I think).

      Pool just backordered a name for me that I had signed up for over 1 year ago that just dropped from GoDaddy. Once they get the name (even if you forget about it) your card gets charged.


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      Originally Posted by blarbie View Post

      anything other than Domain Samurai out there
      Yeah, the Google Keyword Tool does a similar thing.

      I always use it

      - James.
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    If you REALLY want the domain I would use a service like snapnames. If its a name that you feel not a lot of people will be trying to get then godaddy should be enough.
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    Is it a popular name? I had one I wanted last year and snapnames wanted $200 for it so I waited it out and when it expired less than 60 days later I got it for $10. If you are not in a hurry and can let it go if someone else wants to pay more for it-I would just keep checking godaddy til it says it's available. I also like to check the .net and .info versions of the url I want because if those are not gone yet, chances are you have a better possibility of getting it without overpaying for it imo. Hope that helps :-)
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    there are 3 places which will catch pending delete domains...

    Domain Auctions, Expired Domain Names, and Available Aftermarket Domain Names for Sale - NameJet

    Domain name auctions to purchase quality expired and deleting names

    Welcome to

    if you order at all three, you have 99% guarantee that you will get it
    Expiring Domain Lists @

    The best SnapNames, NameJet and GoDaddy listings

    1000s of top keyword domain auctions listed daily...
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    Hi guys

    i always go to backorder it via godaddy and if you are after an expired one through them check their auctions as i have got some really good ones.

    kind regards

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