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This might sound like a plea for help and direction and it is. I expect to loose my job within 8 weeks. My choices are to look for another job, or create one through IM that has the potential to replace or better my current situation. That being said, I am on a timetable, I am motivated, and I am willing to try anything. Sooooooo my questions?

What are some things that people market?
What tools are used to build web sites?
How do you get paid?
What is the fastest way to start?

I know that this is alot, but I do not have time to dilly dally about.

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    The vast majority of people who try this business out (I'd say 95%) fail miserably.

    Those who have achieved at least a moderate level of success most likely took a year or more to get there. Some took many years to get where they are today.

    I'm sorry about the pickle you're in, but let me be straight up with you: take the time to learn this business or don't learn it at all.

    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    I would strongly advise you to keep the day job while learning. The quickest way for you to make some money just starting out would probably be focusing on CPA marketing.
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    You're at the bottom rung of the ladder but at least you made it this forum. You need to spend a lot of time finding those answers (that's what I did). If you have the tenacity to find the answers that you asked, then you'll climb a few steps.

    It's not as easy as some sell it as such.
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