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I am thinking about starting up a PLR site where I will offer articles and reports on various topics. The content will be written by me, and sold only a certain number of times in order for them to retain value.

I'm not sure how to set this up, or how to advertise it.

What would be the best way to regulate how many times an article pack or report are sold? Is there software that can do this, or will I just need someone to pay via PayPal then I send them the product via email?

Also, I worry about not being able to get enough exposure for the site, especially with the people most interested in purchasing PLR content.

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    There are other ways but one of the least expensive options, that I know of, is to use e-junkie. You set the number of times it can be sold. That is what I am using for my PLR Limited Editions site - if you take a look, you will see that there are add to cart buttons so people can buy multiple products and pay once. They have a coupon available usually to try out their system free or dirt cheap at first, too.

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    I use DLGuard to automate my ebook distribution on my PLR site ( It takes a bit to set it up but it is easy once you are there and the service is wonderful!

    You can also set up through a PayPal add to cart button and tick the inventory button not to sell after you meet your predetermined amount.

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    Use E-junkie for the distribution, it's free to start and then cheap to continue using. Purchase a domain and set up a wordpress site and a paypal account if you don't already have one.

    ejunkie will tie in directly with your paypal account and let you cash out when you like. It's really not difficult, the hardest part is going to be producing articles.. As far as promotion you need to go where the buyers are .. In other words IM forums like this one and DP are a good place to start.

    Set up a WSO here and a free listing on DP .. Add your service to your signature and get busy on the forums.
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    If you use a shopping cart you will be able to restrict the number of downloads and it will also do your payments etc for you.

    Some choices are open cart or prestashop which are both free carts with inventory management.

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    Thanks for all the help guys! I hope to have this up and running soon, now that I have some direction in how to go about it.
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