Offline Consulting Question: Speaking Gigs?

by sirtom
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Hey all,

I have a question for the offline consultants here..

Who has done speaking engagements for local businesses? I've landed a couple myself, but was interested in avenues others have taken for booking them.

I've also heard of some people that have done presentations through nonprofits.

Anyone done this before?

Thanks in advance!

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    I've done some through business organizations. You just have to approach and offer. In most cases your presentation has to be "all" value and "no" pitch. Of course, the presentation can be the pitch while still being full of value, if done right. If you really want in and they're a hard nut to crack, offer a referral fee for any new business you pick up as a result.

    I've done more seminars that I put on and promote myself.
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    I do them a lot. I have an arrangement with a local web designer who doesn't like speaking to groups - he gets bums on seats and I talk to them and get commissions for anyone who decides to buy things from him.

    It's perfect - he doesn't need to do any selling and I don't need to do any work

    Also I have friends who are members of business groups and they know I like to talk so they tell people to speak to me if they're interested in hearing about how the internet can help businesses.

    nothing to see here.

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    Hands downs use Associations as a great referral source to find leads to contact to speak at associations. Go to your library and dig up Encylopedia of Associations and start making copies of the Associations contact info of the industries you want to target.

    I wrote a thread a while back that got great reviews from alot of people. You can check it out here :

    Hope this helps you,

    Chris Negro

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    I go around doing presentations for BNI groups and other networking groups. I've had a lot of success doing that, of course I can't give away all the secrets to public speaking gigs.
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      Originally Posted by JasonP View Post

      I go around doing presentations for BNI groups and other networking groups. I've had a lot of success doing that, of course I can't give away all the secrets to public speaking gigs.
      What is BNI?
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        Business Networking International.

        Go to BNI International - Business Networking and Referrals
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        I've only done 1 so far, to my local Chamber of Commerce meeting, but I'm excited to do more-it was so much better than I expected.

        I was quite nervous, but that quickly passed once I realized how friendly and receptive everyone was, and I really had a great time and got more and more relaxed as I spoke, since I asked questions during the presentation, which quickly revealed that almost nobody knew much at all about marketing.

        I didn't just speak about internet marketing. To me, that would have done them a disservice, since these struggling people needed the insights that I have on the far broader subject of marketing in general-some of the gems I've learned from people like Jay Abraham could really turn things around for many of them.

        The first question I asked, and the one that really made me feel I had something of value to offer, was how many of them knew what a unique selling proposition is, and nobody did. I explained it to them and told them all of the marketing they do should follow from that foundation, or at least not be in conflict with it.

        Talking about twitter, facebook, SEO, etc to people that have never cracked a book on marketing is a little like teaching physics to people who haven't been introduced to arithmetic yet.

        The way I got the gig was simply to ask the president if she would like me to speak. We set up a time, but the first one fell through, so I contacted her again, and we finally made it happen.

        I got one client out of the deal, and another business that says he wants to put on his own event in his hair salon featuring me and a woman who specializes in some aspect of social media, I think-can't recall exactly. I also got about a dozen sign ups to get emails from me. Well worth a 20 minute talk. (Oh yes, being one of the speakers also means you get a free lunch-$15 for everyone else)
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    Talk before the smaller groups. You will be amazed at the connections you make. Keep your mind open as your chatting with particular group members whether that person would make a good workshop/seminar partner. Then you get to tap into their network.

    Typically, fellow speakers only want to talk a few minutes. Others, as in Andy Henry's case, don't want to speak at all but they do appreciate referral fees.
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      The easiest way to start doing this is with groups where they have a speaker at every meeting.

      With many groups these talks might last just 20 minutes.

      And yes they include non profits like Rotary, business networking groups etc etc.

      If you live in a capital city you should be able to do 2-10 talks a week without too much trouble.

      Genuine information on how to use the internet to market a business more effective is very valuable to any group that has a high percentage of business owners.

      The simplest ways to get booked are:

      # Just call the group directly.

      # Email them.

      # Ask someone in the group to recommend you to the director.

      # When you speak to one group ask who they know running other groups and ask for a letter of reference saying what a great job you did.

      The great thing about speaking for groups like this is there's no real cost to you and it positions you as the expert.

      Business owners wanting more information and help will talk to you after you've finished speaking.

      You'll want to get some experience this way before you consider trying to run your own workshops which can be costly and time intensive.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    Speaking before groups can be very lucrative. A friend of mine wrote a book for performers about giving free talks and making a living. I do believe it can be done.

    I've talked to Rotary, BNI, local networking groups, breakfast meetings, luncheons... you name it. In each case, business owners wanted help and wanted some extra tips. It was EASY to sell a business after the talks.

    Of course, I did not do any selling, per se. I did give a lot of information. Not the HOW, but the WHAT. With plenty of examples and case studies.

    All you really have to do is offer to speak and some groups will bite.
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    I was part of a BNI group in the last town I was in and got quite a bit of leads from this group. Definitely something I highly recommend.
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      I self promote two live seminars a month and I use Craigslist, emailing out to my warm list, and to get the word out. I rent a conference room at a local executive office suite for $35 and host my own coffee and pastries.

      I average about 10 to 15 people per seminar and get, on the average, 2 clients per seminar.

      I am planning on adding two webinars or teleseminars to add to my efforts.

      Real simple plan....and it works.
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