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by Jaz
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Do you have any tips for outsourcing content on your website?
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    1. Carefully define what you want.
    2. Pay by contract, not per hour.
    3. Having been burned more than once, I suggest that you only pay *after* you receive the completed work.
    4. Be fair and reasonable.
    5. If you're really pleased with the work done, give a nice bonus.

    Project HERE.

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      Thanks for the reply. I really like umber 3. That makes a lot of sense. I'm working on number 4.

      What is the best way to make sure your content is unique?

      Looking to make my first million by the time I retire.

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    Another thing to add is once you've hired someone who could help you manage your website contents, make sure to test him/her in a month by giving a little project on content creation.

    Once he/she has hit your targets then that's the right time for you to say you could work with this staff efficiently and effectively the longer you work together.
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    Hi guys

    i would go with your key article writer.

    I have an article writer that is my favourite and who i ask to do tasks above anyone else and he does a great job.

    I can then be in the middle of writing content for my site and will hand over the bulk of it to him and tell him what i need doing and when.

    Always pay people per set amount of words and not per hour and make sure they come from a country where english is their first language.

    kind regards

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    Hi Jaz,

    Outsourcing has 2 faces (positive and negative feedback/experienced). I suggest to look for a reputable company and ask for references and samples.

    If you have some questions about outsourcing services, do not hesitate to contact us. See sig for more information.
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    Hi jaz,

    Well, I agree with thunderbird from 1 to 5... and you were asking how can you be rest assured if the content is unique. You should check the article for plagiarism. To ensure that the content the writer is writing for you is 100% unique or original.

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    Thunderbirds list is a good one. For point 1 this should include whether you want them to do the research or whether you are going to hand then research you've compiled to write from. The research can sometimes take longer than the article writing so this needs to be factored into the price.
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      I'll most definitely take this into consideration. I'll really have to work on getting my information including keywords upfront. That is a weakness of mine.

      Thanks all.

      Looking to make my first million by the time I retire.

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        I have had more bad than good experiences with article outsourcing (I guess that's what you want).
        I recently came across a service offered here on WF, Price was good and the articles were well written and content was informative and obviously research was done. Maybe check them out, just search "99cent articles".
        Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

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          Outsourcing website content is a good approach with which you can get the desired results and it is also a cost saving too. There is no doubt that content writing is one of the very common feature today in order to get quality articles for your website/blog and it can also save your precious time.
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    any good source of outsourcing market out there?
    I also might getting an article/blog writer for my niche web project.
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    There are lots of freelancing sources out there. Some of them such as Elance offer reviews from buyers. Lots of good reviews is a good sign, but sometimes crap will be delivered by well-reviewed providers, so it is no guarantee.

    Project HERE.

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    I have very bad writing skills so I have been outsourcing content creation for long time.
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