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I'm looking for 8 people that regularly use article marketing or blog posting to attract visitors to their website. I plan on offering a keyword service and I need some volunteers. My service will take your keyword expand on it and bring back many keywords you may not have considered, then I will futher breakdown the keyword into great, good, okay, or poor keywords. Naturally you will want to start with the great or good keywords with the most searches per month in Google with the least competition to use for your articles.

This report will save you hours of time...

My initial report for the keyword "newborn" brought in over 300 keywords and I had 45 excellent results (under 10,00 competing "in quotes) and 22 good keywords between 10,001 -20000) I stopped counting the results after first 100 keywords.

That's 45 highly searched low competition keywords on your specific niche that you can write articles on and have backlinks leading towards your site. Or if you prefer use the titles for blog posts.

Go a step further and write 2 articles from the same topic similar but not duplicate and have one sent to the directory and one on your site. Now you have 2 shots in the search engines with the article directory keyword linking back to your blog post.

This is free to the 8 kindly peoples I'm asking to volunteer, I need your main keyword (I will PM you the pdf that goes into more detail) all I ask from you is that you let me know honestly how you feel about the service, for example did it save you time, what you would be willing to pay, was the turn around quick enough, do you feel knowing which keywords to target helped make the process of article marketing easier, etc...

The only thing I cannot guarantee that you will have 45 excellent targeted keywords you may have more or less. I randomly did this keyword search because I have a related baby niche. You may have more good keywords than excellent. It all boils down to your choice of keyword.

So eight serious folks who want some free keyword research and will give me honest feedback step up.

I will do by best to have your report back to you within 24 to 48 hours. By the way it is 3:00 AM EST where I live (when I posted this) so it will be sometime tomorrow afternoon before I can PM you the PDF with more detail (sorry got to sleep sometime)

But you are welcome to PM me your keyword just make sure it's self explanatory for example when I did my keyword research on "newborn" I meant babies I got back results for newborn kittens and puppies, and some band lyrics? not relevant

EDIT: After starting research for these volunteers I noticed that topics like "gardening" make better choices for finding more keywords than certain products like "refrigerators" it's still doable but your results will be more loosely related. These are not the actual keywords the volunteers are using the niche has been changed to protect the innocent (sorry just like saying that phrase)

Thanks for your time and hope you will take me up on my offer.
Dolores Pepper
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    I sent you a pm :-)
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    PM Sent
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    I just got my list. It was great to come home from a busy day and find that gift in my inbox. I really love the keyword information. I got a lot from D and the list is so easy to follow as far as what are better words to try than others. I really cannot thank you enough you saved me HOURS of time. (I know this because I started with a different keyword and omg@all the hours I spent trying to narrow them down and get my info and thoughts in order.) This rocks. Once I get these going we will have to talk about more of these projects. Again thanks and for anyone who is reading this I would highly recommend this service it saved me hours of time doing the research myself and the information is very easy and to the point. :-)

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    Thanks for the offer please pm me
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    Wow, This is nice job for everyone.. Thanks dpepper
    Get Top On Google - Results First, Pay Later
    Chat Me - Skype: real2deal | Yahoo: real2dealestate
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    I wanted to add to my post if I may. D sent me a great letter explaining why she gave me the keywords she did and even had some related keywords she found that she included separately in case I wanted to try them. I truly am impressed because as I said-I know this stuff takes time I tried to do it already for another keyword set-lol. She includes the amount of searches monthly along with the amount of competing pages which I believe as I am reading on this forum is a big key to being successful. Find a place where I can be competitive which is what she just helped me do :-)

    Edited because I put something in here that was incorrect-sorry about that!
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    Hi PM sent. I would love to take part, and happy to write a full review after.
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    I just sent a PM Dolores.

    Looking forward to working with you.


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      Thanks to all the volunteers I went a few over the 8, for those of you who can't PM me I'll contact you shortly.

      Also for the new folks who signed up overnight I sent you a confirmation message and included a pdf example. 1 or 2 of you might need to copy and paste the url in. That's what I get for not previewing my messages


      Dolores Pepper
      .................................................. ..............

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        First of all, thanks for your report.

        I never expected such a detailed keyword report. My best expectation was some related 10-15 keywords in a text file. Instead what I got was a FULL 5 PAGE PDF REPORT with a really well thought-out analysis. You went the extra mile to deliver something that can be used right-away.

        Apart from just the keywords, I really appreciate that you have taken some time to write your thoughts and suggestions of those keywords. It is obvious that you really took time to write some useful and practical specific SEO tips without any fluff.

        Thanks Dolores for your work and I highly recommend her for anyone looking for keyword research projects.
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    I've just received my keyword research on Contact Lenses and would like to thank you. Its fantastic.

    There are parts of this I could have done myself, but others (the competition analysis) that I certainly couldn't. In any case I would much rather outsource keyword research to an expert like yourself.

    I recommend this service to anyone wanting to target specific keywords.
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      i also received a detialed report from dolores and it was fantastic, she found me some real gems in a very difficult niche. Its clear dolores put alot of effort into this research and i like the way the report was formatted too. Cant fault the service at all.

      highly recommended

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    Hi Dpepper

    Plz plz plz do one for me sent you a pm. A sincere request from the bottom of my heart.Been a struggling here

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    Hi Dpepper

    I am still newbie in keyword research..would you please help me in keyword can contact me at faizshafie1[at]

    Please Dpepper..
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