A Success Story for New Site Launchers

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Hi All,

I have a site that I launched in August. In fact, it's been exactly 2 months and 1 day as of this writing. It's really not even a "site" - it's a squeeze page. The 3 interior pages are not accessible and are not linked from any source. This is important, because you often hear that single page sites don't get much search engine love.

All I've done to promote the site was link to it in my WF sig and write about 30 articles, which I only submitted to EZA. I think I may have posted a link to it once or twice on Twitter, as well, but I have few followers and don't think it accounts for much so far.

With this modest promotion, it has scored 2 nice long-tail #1 rankings on MSN, both of which are now bringing a steady flow of targeted traffic. It isn't much (yet), but it's very nice to see after just a small amount of marketing work. Especially since it's such a new site. And it's just a squeeze page.

I hope this gives hope to those who are launching new sites! Article marketing and regular participation at WF absolutely can help you get things moving. Don't listen to those who tell you that you have to spend a ton of time getting the ball rolling. Sure, you can and you should do more - if you have the time to devote. But don't let the seeming immensity of the marketing pantheon deter you. Focus on just one or two marketing activities and just do it. There's nothing like the feeling you get when you finally see your efforts beginning to pay off.

Go for it - and don't second guess yourself.

Also, I want to publicly thank WF members who post positive encouragement and good, useful ideas. You don't get thanked often enough, but you deserve it. You know who you are.

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