Best way to make a quick $10-$20 bucks?

by buckz55 23 replies
I'm broke at the moment online and need to purchase a domain or two ..... If you wouldn't mind sharing a few good methods to get like 10 20 or even 30 bucks paypal fast i'd appreciate it....

I have a bunch of decent domains that I wouldn't mind letting go for Reg. Fee but it costs more money to list them for sale lol
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    Originally Posted by buckz55 View Post

    I have a bunch of decent domains that I wouldn't mind letting go for Reg. Fee but it costs more money to list them for sale lol
    Digital Point Forums

    It's not going to work miracles, but if they're OK domains you should get a few buyers.

    However, in my opinion the best way to make some quick money right to your Paypal is doing services, think of a couple of things you can do and sell them.

    One right of the top of my head is article writing, a lot of people here charge a little more than over at Digitalpoint, but you can make a free thread their and offer your services.

    $30 is easily possible after about 4-6 articles - you might even get on-going work and make some decent money.

    Good luck
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    Hi buckz55,

    If you are willing to do the work, there are many things that you can do to make money online. Here is one simple system which I will personally do to make money online if I am new and I do not have my own website.

    Step #1 - Select An Affiliate Product That Is Proven To Sell

    You can go to to find a list of products which you can choose. You will want to check those products which have high gravity as it is proven that it is selling well online. Make sure the product has decent sales letter so that you will be getting good sales conversion.

    Step #2 - Purchase Domain And Redirect To Your Affiliate Link

    The next thing that you want to do is to register a domain name. You can purchase it from any cheap domain registrar company. Once you have purchase the domain name, you will want to edit the setting so that it will be redirected to your affiliate link.

    The main reason you are purchasing a domain name is because some article directories do not allow you to put affiliate link directly.

    Step #3 - Research On The Market That You Are Promoting Product In

    The next thing that you need to do is to understand the market that you are in. You will want to understand the problems they are facing and the kind of information they are looking for. Forums, articles directories, blogs and more are good place to gather your information.

    Step #4 - Focus On Creating Useful Content

    For this step, you will want to create quality content which will be useful to your potential readers. There are too many junk contents that are available online and you will be able to stand out from the market if you provide consistent good content.

    Writing an article between 300 to 500 words is more than enough. Go to EzineArticles Training to get a complete education on how to write effective articles.

    Step #5 - Distribute Your Content Widely

    This is an important step as you will want to distribute your content widely so that you people will be aware of your content. This will help drive traffic to your website. Here are different format and places you can start submitting:

    a) Convert The Content To Articles and submit to

    b) Convert The Content To PDF Short Report and submit to

    Step #6 - Rinse And Repeat

    The key to see consisting profits from this system is to create and distributing content consistently over a period of time. When you do it long enough, the daily traffic flow will slowly increase.

    Yes, it does looks like you have to do work. But please take note that there is no magic pill online that allows you to earn money online without doing any work.

    I hope my humble contribution is useful to you


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      Originally Posted by Zack Lim View Post

      there is no magic pill online that allows you to earn money online without doing any work.
      I have to disagree.

      Here's an idea requiring a little work - might work with one of your existing domains. Sign up to drop ship products. Many free places online.

      Promote the products on your website. Or do it on a free blog platform, such as WordPress or Blogger or one of the zillions of social media platforms. All free.

      Get a PayPal account - free.

      Pay $5 for an Adwords account if you do not already have one. Send instant traffic.

      Buyers will pay you for the product before you have to pay the dropshipper.
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    Zack, good tips.

    However the reason I didn't offer something like that or CPA is because he wants QUICK money. Promoting CPA and Clickbank means you will be working for a virtual amount until you actually receive that money.

    Leaving it pretty much useless if he can't use the money right away.
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    My advice for a little seed money!

    1. Offer to write a few articles! You won't have to write many for the cost of a couple domain names!

    2. Write a few decent articles and submit to Associated Content, they pay per article direct to Paypal, again, not many articles for a few domains!

    3. Have a think if you have any family or friends that own a business and offer to set them up a website, or other related IM services for some $$$$!

    Simple things, that could generate the capital you are looking for fairly easily and quickly!

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    thanks for the tips.....appreciate it
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    Hi guys

    get yourself on and get yourself a job there are plenty of jobs available on there that need filling doing simple things and then other things that you might be skilled in

    kind regards

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    Here are the fastest ways to make quick cash:
    1. Post your physical items on ebay or craigslist (do you have old iPods, phones, laptops, games, etc). It's quick easy cash.
    2. Take all of your old books and media (paperbacks, hardbacks, DVDs) to Half-Price Books or similar. If you don't have any, ask friends and neighbors... they might be glad to see someone haul off their old stuff for free. You'll walk out of the store with cash.
    3. Write articles. Post a classified ad here. Or go to associated content.
    4. Try some offline marketing. That's my absolute favorite. Forget a few bucks here and there (though I know that's what you are after), and go for hundreds or thousands within a few days. Call 25 businesses that do not have a website (or have a really bad website) and offer to create them one for a low dollar price, same-day. Get a simple free wordpress business theme and you are done!
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      I got myself $75.00 last summer just by selling my old books to a local book barn. Took a couple hours work, but it was worth it!
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    This may sound you get paid to recycle drink containers? Beer, wine pop bottles and cans? If so, you will probably have friends and family who don't recyle but just dump them in the grbage. Ask them to keep them for you.

    The 0.05c, 010c soon add up...
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    What kind of skills do you have. Can you build a website, create graphics, write good content??? These are just a few services you can offer right here in this forum under products and services.

    Also, I recommend elance or digital point forum for offering some sort of service. Marketers are always looking to outsource work and they usually look there.

    Good luck.

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    Originally Posted by buckz55 View Post

    I'm broke at the moment online and need to purchase a domain or two ..... If you wouldn't mind sharing a few good methods to get like 10 20 or even 30 bucks paypal fast i'd appreciate it....

    I have a bunch of decent domains that I wouldn't mind letting go for Reg. Fee but it costs more money to list them for sale lol
    Id also like to make one more comment here. Tony Robbins once said "life will pay what you ask of it." Now this is very true and powerful.

    So why not ask how can I make a quick $50 or $100. You dont have to stop there!

    Think bigger


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    I usually check DP... but try to loan from a friend, and return after you sell your domains..
    or try article writing,
    and all the skills you got.
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    Find something of minimal value (nut in demand) and place it on Craigslist or Ebay.

    Write articles or provide some kind of service.
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    I'd say buy a keyword friendly domain which gets enough searches per month, set up an autoblog and sell it.
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    Go door to door in your neighborhood and offer to wash cars, windows, clean out garages, etc.
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    If you want to get paypal money then you need to find someone that has an affiliate program through paypal OR you can write your own ebook and sell it from your website. This way you set the price and place a paypal button on your site to purchase your product.

    Either way, you need to drive traffic to those sites and the way Zach described is a great way to get started especially if you are on a low budget or a $0 budget.

    Hope that helps

    Find out the truth about why most marketers WANT to confuse you and how you can overcome the magic bullet syndrome and start a real money making business online

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    Seriously, have a garage/yard sale or put your stuff up on ebay. For the amount you are looking for to buy a few domains, that is what I would do.


    Need Help? Digital Marketing Solutions From George Sepich.

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    This is a very strange thread. Are you saying that you don't have any friends who will lend you a $20? Please use the forum's search engine. There are so many ways to make a few $$$. Writing articles, setting up blogs for people, etc. Put those in your sig. here and at a few other forums and you'll get that $10.

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      I agree with what most have said here. If you can write, I would offer the service of writing some articles. Or, drive free article traffic to a clickbank product that is a proven seller. A CB product that will pay out over a $25 to $30 commission, of course.

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        Here's something I've done that appeals to the EGOS people with money!

        I'm assuming you know how to pop up a website. If not, go get "Kompozer" (free and easy) and go to YouTube and type in "Kompozer Tutorial" in the box.

        Register any one of these Domains at Cheap Domains (or your favorite registrar) They are ALL AVAILABLE....RIGHT NOW!....
        5) (LOTS of work for these guys)

        Put up a Blank Website using one of the Templates from "

        PHONE 5 Offices in each Category....tell them you have a website for sale that will bring them MUCH extra business....and they can go up and take a look at

        On the website....put your contact info and a mention that;
        THIS website and Powerful Domain is available for RENT! MANY businesses in this category have been contacted and the FIRST ONE THAT WANTS IT...and can see the Value in having THIS Domain Name on their business cards, letterhead, Yellow Page ads....GETS IT!

        Call ____________! RENT each site for $100/mo....and if they pay for 12 mos in advance...your Fee is $1,000 for a Year!

        Again....THIS appeals to their EGOS like nothing else. Start out with ONE site...see if you can RENT IT. Then go to another.

        In a Town like Orlando their are MANY in each Category and....they ALL HAVE MONEY.

        Rent 10 of these and you've got $12,000 in yer knickers.

        Midas Man....with a GREAT Idea for making some QUICK CASH!
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