Q&A with Root Orange, new provider of domain leasing opportunities in local markets..

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Interview with Frank Langston @ Root Orange

A few days ago I wrote about Root Orange, a brand new company which provides domain leasing services using revolutionary domain-splitting technology... So I hooked up with Frank Langston, co-president of Root Orange for an in-depth Q&A which you can find below.

First thing's first though, and I'd like to say once again that these guys are onto something huge one you get your mind around automated domain leasing... This domain splitting by geo area's concept can turn out to be just as big as PPC domain parking was when it was introduced a little over 10 years ago. It's absolutely brilliant and I am behind it 110% and so should you be.

It presents huge monetization opportunities for domain owners and allows smaller businesses access to generic keyword domains for a fraction of the cost VS. straight buying it out. When it comes to domains, valuations, etc... It is always a supply and demand type of deal. Unfortunately the business is misunderstood by mainstream and the market isn't as big as we'd all like it to be... That can change though

...read the entire interview right here: http://www.domainstryker.com/frank-l...ease-services/

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