I made my first big sale :)

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I have made my first big sale today (fingers crossed for no refunds ) )
I got a shock when I checked my clickbank stats, It usually reads plenty of zeros.

But now I have gotten 2 sales in one week, the first one was just a smaller one 13$ but
the last one was a big one 80$, so It felt great

I´m guessing the sale came from my squidoo lens and not my main website, but I´m not sure. Is it a good idea to embedd a tracking cookie into the link (one at my lens and the other at my homepage), can this be done afterwords?

The traffic strategies I´ve done are:
* website submissions
* social bookmarking
* rss feed submission

On the homepage I have also done a few article submissions, some links building and directory submissions.

On the lens It says I have not gotten any visitors, but I dont know if this can be true...
On the webpage I get average 20 visitors / day.

My dream of working IM full time now looks less like a fantasy

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