Still Struggling To Make Money Online ? Here's How

by Dave d
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There seems to be a tradition of giving something away on your birthday so this is my share. Although its not my birthday until tomorrow I'll post now because I most likely will be passed out drunk in the gutter tomorrow .

Now I love creating my own products but for those of you who have not done so yet here is a super fast way to do so in no time flat. This method is quick, simple and does not require article marketing or SEO and will allow you to piggy back on the success of other products.

You may even look at this and think it cant work because its too easy but methods do not need to complicated for them to generate cash.

Step 1. Find a popular product that everybody is raving about, promoting, pushing, buying. If you need ideas on where to find these go to Clickbank, here on WF in particluar the review section and check your emails to see who is pushing what. These dont have to be just Clickbank products they can also be WSO's as well. Product examples include Scrapebox, senuke, The Best Spinner and Big Mikes products you get the idea. Try to choose products that will have a learning curve or that will need profiles created again an example Traffic Geyser.

Step 2. You will need to gain access to the product. Many will have a free trial or you will need to buy straight out. Next you will need to study the product inside out and get to know every aspect of it. This should not take you more than a day of intensive learning. Many of the products will have their own learning materials but very often they can be greatly enhanced and sometimes you will even come across people complaining about how difficult it to use, this is gold.

Step 3. Now your going to create a guide to using that product. This is a lot easier than it sounds. Just imagine a friend has come a round to your house and they want to know how to use it. The guide can take many forms - PDF using open office, MP3 using audacity, video using camstudio or a visual guide using jing or you may conduct and record a webinar.I would suggest you always include a quick start guide to get folk up and running quickly. The rest may be a case study or campaign walkthrough.

Congratulations you now have something of value but what do you do with it ?

First upload it to ejunkie they have a free trial and its super easy to use.

Some ways to cash in on your new product.

Give it away free to to build a list. Ask the product owner if they will include it on their download page. If you dont ask you dont get.

Package it up and sell it as a standalone product.

This one is my favourite. Give it away free in return for the buyer buying the product through your affiliate link. People are buying these products everyday in their droves so dont you think they would rather get the product and something free along with it that makes it easier to use, of course they would.

If you want instant traffic stick it on a WSO.

Thats it guys enjoy. Remember take action this works. If I have left anything thing out just post here on the thread.

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