Internet Marketing Going Offline Marketing?

by Asher
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Hi Warriors,

Just an observation but it seems to me that quite a few internet
marketers are going offline. For example:

Stephen Pierce
Frank Kern

Just to name a few that I've come across. There's more but the
names aren't coming up in my head right now.

Ultimately, let's say we're pretty successful in IM (that's the only
common link I see in those three + those I don't remember),
going offline - does that help increase customer loyalty because
it's going against the norm of "no physical product" in IM because
we don't have to print and bind our own copies. Or is there some
other sinister reason? ;D

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    So by "offline" you mean that they're selling physical vs digital products? Not that they're marketing offline?
    "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
    ~ Zig Ziglar
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    Hi Asher,
    I suspect it's because the 'sales funnel' at the top end can be more profitable as people tend to pay more for a dvd, cd or combination product. Many of these types of products can be sold for a few hundred bucks going into thousands. I know of a few offline marketers that have customers that regularly will buy a combination of dvd's and book sets for over a $1000k!

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    Because offline has more perceived value and that means more money. Worth it if you can do it.
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    Hi Asher,

    You've got to understand that IMers are way ahead of the tech curve than the main population, you've got tons more experience with internet commerce than 99% of all small businesses.

    Which creates a huge market for your products and services getting those business people to understand the power of integrating online strategies with their offline business, and vice versa.

    Something as simple as email list building and broadcasting an email to their customers once a week or twice a month would increase their revenues 100% in short order.

    Think in those terms and you will certainly see why we get excited at these possibilities.

    -- Mark Hendricks
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    I just started internet marketing for an offline business, and the rewards are great not only do I get an up front fee of $3,000 I also get 10 dollars per lead and 250 per sale I have been averaging 3-5 sales per day with about 30-50 super hot leads a day.

    All I'm really doing is writing articles and shooting videos.
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    Absolutely- higher perceived value. The more trees they cut down, the more people are willing to pay for it
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