Resale Rights :: Am I missing something?! :)

by Big Al
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So there I am ... doing some keyword research for an idea I was having when I stumbled across what I thought was the most ridiculous search term ever.

It was "free resale rights ebooks" ...

Am I missing something here?

Maybe I should've put this in the off-topic forum ... but seriously ... if you're re-selling ebooks that are available for free ... it's a bad day for internet marketing!

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    I think that many newvies get resale rights products, and find it hard to sell them. Then they get desparate and try to give them away.
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      Originally Posted by MattyT View Post

      I usually do a search for on Googland locate Clickbank thank-you pages. Then I'll downnload the product without paying for it. After that I'll sell the product on my blog or website as long as it's good. I'll sell it for half of what the original seller wanted. A couple of times people threatened to sue. I don't care because I'm homeless and don't have anything or any money. I use the computers at the public library. There really isn't anything they can do. If they put me in jail, (which they won't over something like that) that's cool because then I'd have 3 hots and a cot on the taxpayers.
      And you're so successful doing this that you're homeless?

      Plus, if you can do this, why not do it the honest and legal way? If you're getting people to your blog and making sales, why not just do it some more the legit way?
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