Has Anyone Actually Made An Online Sale From India? Or China?

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Has Any U.S Marketer Actually Made An Online Sale From India? Or China?

I thought I would start a well deserved conversation that prob a lot of marketers are curious about.

I have yet to make a sale from any of these 2 countries but they are not my target market either. I am in the IM niche and MMO niche.

I hear that these 2 countries are up and coming financially - And there is certainly a ton of potential customers in these 2 countries.

But on the other hand I am a U.S marketer and have hits from these countries quite regularly, but have yet to make a sale from India, or China.

Has anyone sold any Internet marketing products to customers from any of these 2 countries? What is everyones take on this subject?

P.S Not trying to offend anyone from these 2 countries but curiousity is killing the cat!
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    Hey... i think I'll put in a word here, seeing as i hail from one of the two

    As for the sales thing, I'm sure someone must have... cause I personally buy a lot of products online.
    As far as e-products go, i'm pretty sure there would be sales, but as for the physical products, I really doubt it because a lot of the marketers/manufacturers simply don't ship their products here.

    Also, while the general purchasing power of the internet using population has increased exponentially over the last decade or so, there's still a lot of skepticism about buying anything online.

    That'll change soon though too, because the number of transactions over the net are increasing by the day, as our everyday companies move to ecommerce. Say mobile phone recharge, for instance... I'm a vodafone user, and i ALWAYS get a recharge online...

    What i'm trying to say through that is, as people start buying these little things online, the skepticism will go down too, and well, i guess there'll be more sales from these places.

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      I've had a couple of sales from both of these countries, however, I haven't specifically targeted them.
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    If you do a WSO, you will likely get sales from these countries. I certainly have (which surprised me).
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    Yup, I've made a lot of sales from India and China both.

    Not just from a WSO but from other affiliate marketing stuff as well.
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