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Hey Warriors

I've been flipping and selling websites to make most of my money online mainly to build up customers for my hosting company so i can have a regular income before i make my first product and its going well. But..

Last night i was approached by someone who really liked my work on the websites ive been selling and wondered if i could help him, basically he just finished his Forex strategy which he has been working on the past 3years and he claims it has a 85% success rate. His problem is he cant use a computer well let alone make a website and advertise it so yeah he is a total newbie, he has asked me to:
  • Create him a sales page
  • Advertise his website
  • Provide him hosting (he wants a one time fee or yearly)
It doent seem like alot but he has absolutly no idea about anything online he only uses his computer for ebay his lottery and email.

I fear that i will end up creating his sales page host it for him advertise it for a while and then end up mentoring him because he has no clue on how to get traffic to his website, surely i cant be expeted to advertise it for life, maybe charge him a monthly fee?

I have never ran into this problem before because i always sell websites on various auction sites.
If you missed the question in all of that badly written text here it is:

How much would you charge for all of this?

Forget about the mentor bit just a price for the things that are next to bullet points, but please let me know what you think i should do about the rest.


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