Gurus? How to set up analytics and adwords please?

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I cannot figure out how to track my adwords conversions. i am promoting a clickbank product and i have google analytics installed on my site. how can it be tracked if they go to my hoplink and purchase? Cause obviously i dont have tracking on THEIR order page. I have no idea how many people are clicking on ads are actually buying or what the heck is going on?

Can someone please help me or point me in the right direction? Thanks
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    You need a tracking system that doesn't rely on pixel tracking to work.

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      As PPC-Coach said, you can try different software..

      You can also do a few other things..

      One, instead of immediately sending your visitor to your clickbank affiliate link, send them to a "continue.php" file or whatever.. Place your tracking code in that file and have it immediately redirect them to the clickbank affiliate link. Then you can see how many people are actually clicking your link and based on the number of completed sales (you can see in your clickbank account) you can see your conversion rate.

      Another option is to have the actual product owner place your tracking code on their "thank you" page. This probably won't fly because the owner will just get blasted with requests to add the tracking code by all their affiliates.

      Good luck..
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