Camtasia Problem??? Anybody Else Having This Issue...

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I've been using Camtasia a lot more, these past couple of days. And for some reason, just out of the blue, and randomly Camtasia will freak out while I'm recording my screen. What it dose is, while I'm recording, the screen turn's green, were I selected Camtasia to record my screen.

However, the program is still recording everything, it's just that I can't see what I'm doing, becuase all I see is a green screen. Now I know this would be great for special effects, but I'm kinda shooting in the dark. Because I can see what I'm doing...

I hope that made some type of sense, anyway, has anybody else had this issue, and if so how did you fix it?

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    There's so many variables, like what version of Camtasia are you using, what video card, windows version, etc. The obvious things to try are:

    Reboot Windows and only open the programs you need to use (don't leave extra programs open in the background)

    Check to see if you have the latest version of your video driver.

    ...Maybe check to see if you have an actual driver installed for your monitor, as opposed to "generic video driver" that sometimes is running.

    If you're using an old version of Camtasia, try downloading a newer trial version to see if the same problem happens.

    You can submit a help ticket to Camtasia support, they'll need a lot of info about your system to figure out what may be the problem.

    Good luck...
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    I agree with what TimGross said. To many factors including the possibility of other applications conflicting. I personally use Camtasia all the time and have not experienced any problems.
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    Sorry, total forgot to add all that stuff...My bad...

    1. Camtasia Version 6
    2. Running Windows Vista Home
    3. Video Card is Radeon X1650 Series

    Everything is up to date, and I don't run extra programs, I only have any were from 21 to 32 programs running (Task Manger) at once.

    I think I'm going to submit a support ticket, had the program for a long time, this is only happening just recently. However, I am running duel screens, I'm thinking that might be the problem. If I turn off on screen on record it using just one screen, I think that mite help? Will try it, thanks...

    Thanks Tim for the responds
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      Originally Posted by Nickolie0990 View Post

      If I turn off on screen on record it using just one screen, I think that mite help.
      Definitely experiment with disabling one monitor temporarily before you try anything else, running double monitors certainly opens the door to potential complications.
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