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Hey guys, new here to the warrior forum..

It's great to see so many people adding such tremendous value the IM community, so I thought I'd scoop some up...and give some back of course!

I was hoping anyone who's had some results with article marketing could lend me some advice.

I've recently started an article marketing campaign in a niche that I think is pretty profitable. The product's landing page looks great, and the vendor claims that it converts 1 out of every 36-40 visitors or so.

Here are my results so far...

I've written 11 articles which has accumulated 399 total views, with 270 clicks, for a 67.7% CTR.

With 270 targeted visitors hitting my landing page and not a single sale made, according to your knowledge and experience what do you think my problem is....?

A.) Bad product on my hands
B.) Bad landing page
C.) Just not enough traffic to start converting

I'm using a blogger landing page to pre-sell the product while also offering a product review. I've got an opt-in offering a free report as well which has only captured 7 opt-ins.

Of the 270 visitors that landed on my site, 100 of them have click through the affiliate link on to the product sales page.

I don't at all mind putting in the work to produce articles day after day, but I've never quite done article marketing before, so before I plunge in head first I'd like to hear what your conversions are like when it comes to article marketing - if you are willing to share.

I'm aware this varies from niche to niche, but any thoughts would be helpful. Also share if you feel redirecting the traffic straight from the article to the product sales page is a good idea.
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    A 67% click through rate is really excellent. However, if 100 visitors clicked through to the sales page, and the product converts 1/36-40 visitors, then the math is saying that you should have 2-3 sales by now. Probably you don't have enough traffic to judge the effectiveness yet. One other angle to be aware of is that those who are clicking are "just looking" or there is a disconnect between what they expect to see when they click on the product sales page and what they actually see. If those seem OK to you, I would give it some more time work. It sounds like to are making the right moves. Dee Ross
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    Thanks for the response Dee Ross!

    I'll take another look at sharpening up the landing page to achieve a more congruent connection/message for the visitors.
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    There're lots of experts here, and they'll be able to give you more accurate treatments about the matter, if you wish to tell more such as,

    1.Price of the product.
    2.Niche of the product.
    3.About Affiliate network.
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    67% is excellent. It's your landing page or product owner. PM if you want me to critique your landing page...
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    you should have made 4 sales at least as the funnel is from a lander... but zero there's a problem
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      Just a Warning-

      If you're in the weight loss biz you've got a tough egg to crack. You're competing against WEightWatcher, Nutri-System, Jenny Craig, LA WeightLoss, Skinny Bitch, and a few actually good clickbank products.

      I once re-directed 1,500 visitors from EA to truthaboutsixpackabs and I only made 2 sales, one of them was refunded. This is why you need to build a list with awesome content and an awesome character to keep people interested.
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    The truth is over 90percent of the people who land on your site are not going to buy anything from you. The best way to handle this is to direct your visitors to your opt-in page where they can leave their names and contact and your auto responder follows up automatically.


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    Hey warriors, thanks for your insights & feedback...

    The affiliate network is clickbank and it's not in
    the weight loss niche.

    It's a male enhancement product with a price tag
    of $47. (Pretty sure everyone knows what that is)

    I am quite parched and I thirst for that first clickbank
    sale so my soul can finally digest something that
    actually works!!!

    Tylerdrun, I just PM'd you. Thanks!
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    If the vendor really said that the product converts @ 1:36-40 visitors,
    and you sent 270 visitors, then you should promote another product.
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    A + B,

    something off with either your product, price or page. People clicking but dont want to buy.
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    The numbers simply do not Add up. But I do have some reservations and of course some recommendations. First of all, don't ever believe everything the vendor is telling, they are the vendor and that is why they tell you that, so you can become and affiliate and join their network. I can almost guarantee you did not research your niche before venturing in. Male enhancement products is also a pretty competitive niche.

    When it comes down to an actual product, you have to give people a reason to want to buy. You may not be getting a good enough list from your optin, because lets be realistic, not all men want to leave any sort of evidence or trace that they are trying to enhance their masculinity. This said, the sales page is probably lacking somewhere. You need to give men a reason to spend the fifty something bucks (obviously $47 plus tax and maybe shipping) on a product.

    You may want to actually re-read your articles, reconsider your sales or squeeze page and try to figure out where the loophole is. It might be the product after all.
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    I must admit I don't know that niche, but I would almost suspect people are clicking through out of curiosity as to what they might get see.

    67% seems just too good to be true otherwise.

    Did you happen to check the refund rate on the product, I would guess it might be quite high.

    Track your affiliate sales back to the ARTICLE or WEBSITE that generated the sale. CBSaleTracker

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        Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

        How can you tell/suspect this without a sale having been made yet, Roger?!
        I use a ClickBank refund rate calculator; input the numbers CB publishes about the product (Product Price, $ Earned per sale, % earned per sale) and it will estimate the refund rate. Gets it pretty close.
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    Sorry, I misunderstood your question; read it too quickly, I guess.

    I was simply looking at the niche the product was in... and going from there.

    Track your affiliate sales back to the ARTICLE or WEBSITE that generated the sale. CBSaleTracker

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    Thanks for the insights, will definitely take them to heart.
    I'm fully aware that taking the vendors word for conversion
    rates on their product should be taken with a grain of salt,
    and it has struck me that most guys aren't openly willing to
    leave their name/email on such a topic.

    As far as research, after gathering 10-15 keywords to attack
    I started browsing through forums in the niche to gather more
    info about my prospect as well as the emotional hot buttons
    and buying triggers...which has lead to me having a 67% CTR
    on my articles, but as you said, I will take a look at my articles
    and landing page, and send another couple hundred visitors to
    see what happens.

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    I tend to agree with NY1 but generally the law of statistics will defeat any personal observations. Obviously 1 sale in 36-40 visitors is just what the affiliate told you and has not been proven. I would first question the accuracy of this statistic.

    Having said that article marketing usually sends the most targetted traffic so it is strange to not have any sales even with a small sample.
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    Thanks guys,

    Completely agree with you NY1 on the ebook thing, but it's actually an interactive membership site with video, so who knows...

    And I wasn't expecting to convert 1 out of every 36-40 visitors as I know vendors
    tend to skew things a bit when it comes to their conversions and promoting their
    affiliate program, but I at least thought I could make one sale out of 240 clicks

    I any case, it's back to the drawing board I guess
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