Potential Niches In Global Crisis

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What are potential niches in global economic crisis for internet marketing? The niches can help you to make money on the internet. Please post here.
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    Employment site for ex CEOs of Finance firms?
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      I've actually seen quite a few things from the NAD guys (niche a day) that could make for good sites.

      For instance, one of them was a book for (i think) 9.99 that could be resold that was titled 'how to reduce your power bills by next month'

      People right now want to know how to save money, how to stretch their dollar.
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    There are a ton of ideas - these are just off the top of my head and would need to be researched.

    I was thinking anything on saving money. How to save on groceries, gas, whatever
    How to avoid foreclosure
    How to short sell you home
    how to find a job in tough economic times
    anything to do with that to do with your IRA, 401k, pension
    what about something on the new digital tv (if people are cutting expenses and their cable)
    How to get more miles out of your car

    Just a couple of quick ideas
    Michael Forey
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    I think that making money/ internet marketing niches are still good demand in the economic crisis era. Because the potential buyers need the produts for making money in the crisis era.
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