Pinging or not pinging what can you do?

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Looking around wf there is lots of mention of pinging when you have updated on your site.
Pinging makes sense to get your site indexed quicker and especially when a page may not have been indexed for days even weeks in some cases.
I have looked at a couple of pinging sites and they all seem to do the same thing and ping the same places.
they all seem to mention pinging when you have updated your blog.
what about when you have updated the content on a web page on your site which is not a blog?
should you still ping? or will google index accordingly when it sends its spiders out?
this is probably a stupid question but unless I ask I will not know
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    hey, it's not a stupid question at all! yes you can still ping when you have updated your webpage, I usually submit a social bookmark or two nowadays as that gets the spiders crawling. Or as you said you can just wait until google sends its spiders out and that will achieve the same results.
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    I don't ping my blog posts as I use WP and so the pings are down for me when I publish a post. If I update a static site I head over to Pingoat and send out a ping to let the services know to come visit.
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