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My name is Patrick, I am 32 years old and I wanted to write something that may be of use to newer people. I have been a 'lurker' of this forum for many years. I find some of the special offers useful and the war room as a great resource for accessing the knowledge of experienced Internet marketers.

I don't sell Internet marketing products. I sell acorns and animal feed. Yes, I sell acorns, the nuts that fall from Oak trees in the fall. I have run my network of websites (17 of them) for 7 years now. I use a machine that picks them up off the ground and throws them into a bucket. I have storage shed filled with 25,000 lbs of acorns at any given time. I am always collecting acorns. I work with 3 affiliates around the USA that if I have a big order that I can't supply they will ship the acorns for me. Hunters, pet squirrel owners, retail stores, crafts people, and hog farmers all order acorns from me. I wouldn't say I am getting rich, but I make a comfortable income that allows me to travel, pay all of my bills and still have money left over.

This is my niche and I focus on marketing my businesses each and everyday. Being on Google's first page and number 1 listing for "acorns for sale" is very important to me. If you search google for "acorns for sale" you will see my website as the first listing. 90% of my business comes through the website and the other 10% of my business comes over the telephone. If you go to my website you will notice my phone number firmly planted on the homepage. All of my websites have my phone number listed. This in fact is my cell phone number. It goes directly to me and I usually always pickup unless I am sleeping or 'call of nature', bathroom breaks, sex etc. Their are people who don't want to order online. They feel more comfortable talking to a live person and giving a live person their credit card information. I don't want to exclude any sales, none.

I spend much of my time bettering my product, reviewing website stats, customer questions and conversations with customers. You can gain a lot of insight into what you're selling by speaking to a few customers. Often I get emails that boost my creativity and I ask myself why am I not selling this? I had been selling acorns to squirrel pet owners for years. I often had people email me asking if I sell corn. I don't sell corn. Why don't I? I started selling a dried corn mix one year ago. I picked up the corn at a feed store and repackaged it under my own name and sold it. My sales increased by 10% in the first year.

I believe in order to succeed you need to focus on your niche. Pick your plan, and focus on it. Set goals for yourself and follow through. Selling stuff is a full-time gig. I write articles daily. How many subjects can you write articles on acorns about? I have used them all, but Google spiders my articles within seconds so one day I may rewrite an article and the next I may write a fresh new article. When you focus on your niche and your plan your brain will explode with ideas, some that work and some that don't work. I spend a lot of time using the back link services; examine my competer's websites and trying to do a better job. None of my competitors have a phone number of visible contact information. I feel it is important for my customers or potential customers to contact me if they have questions or need help.

Thank you.

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