How to find high quality informaiton to feed the list?

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Hi, folks,

I understand that an email list is only as good as its responsiveness. To build a very high responsiveness, the list owner has to over-deliver quality information to keep the list attracted. Otherwise, they will go elsewhere.

My question is how do you guys find high quality information to cultivate the list, especially in cases in which the list owner is not a specialist in that niche?

I have just started the research on this topic. Warriors, please share!

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  • Go to a library, read a few books, and put quality info together for yourself.

    Or, when you come across useful information, put it aside so you can use it later.
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      Look at the questions people are asking in your niche forums then research the answers - you know people are actively looking for this info. rewrite PLR and public domain content then break it down into 7 - 10 part Ecourse
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    I highly advocate building and maintaining a good email list (as those who've read the free report in my signature know), so here's my personal advice for finding sources of useful information to send to your list:

    - You can subscribe to a handful of regularly updated blogs within the niche to see what kinds of things their talking about-->find a way to put your take on the information given, so that's it's useful and somewhat unique at the same time.

    - Find PLR content and see if any of it is useful. You can even re-write it, or give them your take on it, etc.

    - Find some freebies related to your niche, send them one at a time.

    - Going back to other blogs in your niche... make a comment on one of their posts you found interesting, then send them the link to the OTHER blog's article (if you thought it could benefit your list)

    - Do like someone already said, research your niche inside out to learn more about it, and share with your list what you learned, or if you thought of any advice you could give them.

    That list isn't all-inclusive but that should get you started!

    Hope that helps,
    -Jonathan Beebe
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      - Read what other people are saying on your niche.
      - Definitely purchase books
      - Finally you might want to check PLR contents out there on your niche.
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    With my niches I like to go to forums, yahoo answers and online discussion groups.

    Check out the popular 'hot' topics / threads and the answers given. Rewrite it in your own words and then you're giving your list high-quality FREE content. Then to monetize your list send them to a digital product (or physical product on amazon - sign up for the affiliate scheme!) that expands upon the free information you've given them.

    Where do you find these digital products?

    Remember the popular forum threads that you read through bursting with advice from the experts? Well check beneath the experts post and you'll likely find a sig file with a link to either their product or a product they're affiliated with. Chances are its related to their post but just go and check to make sure.

    So you now have a neat ideas for awesome fresh, free and unique content and for discovering relevant affliate products to send your subscribers too for monetizing your list.

    QUICK TIP : When you write your emails try and use more of the word YOU' and less of the word 'I.' Your subscribers like to think you're talking directly to them.

    Good Luck Buddy!


    P.S. If you're in the internet marketing niche then you can find a ton of ideas, inspiration and research for your future emails on forums such as this one!
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