Why are some videos getting 1000 YouTube views a week and mine only 10?

by sparky
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Hi I've posted this in Kevin Riley's video workshop forum as well. how can I find out the tags or description in videos that are getting massive views when I'm only getting a few, and not even getting listed in the same place they are on YouTube.

A search for mother poem or poetry fetches up videos getting 1000 views a week, but doesn't even list mine. Here's one of the most popular.

Notice other similiar videos are struggling, so what's the difference in what the successful ones are doing?

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    how can I find out the tags or description in videos that are getting massive views when I'm only getting a few
    You just need to copy the tags from bellow the video.
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    Well the video you posted has plenty of comments (7 pages) and around 15 people rated it. Google likes to see those things because it shows that people have an interest in it.

    Your basic view count on a video can also come from the video being viewed while embedded on another page. Like the video in your post getting more view counts as people are clicking the video here to watch it.

    If you put similar tags and description to your video (assuming it is in fact similar) and submit it to the search engines, you could start seeing better results.

    Google likes to see "channels" that have plenty of subscribers and friends and again, comments in the channel area. This gives more relevance to the channel and the video.

    It's like the difference between a single page, or small website with a poem compared to an authority site that features poems written by mothers.

    Google is starting to treat videos the same way they treat websites and blogs.
    They are looking for more "evidence" that the video is relevant to what the search users want.
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    Are you aware of the YouTube keyword tool?

    YouTube KW Tool

    You can even plug in a video URL.

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