Google Keyword Tool not working with Ezine URL

by DLinx
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I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but before I know you were able to grab a url from an article at ezinearticles and place it in the Google Keyword tool and it give you some keywords.

I just tried it today and it's saying that it's unable to access the link.

Does anyone know if this is something new from google or Ezine that's not allowing the search?

Any info would be greatly appreciated


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  • Profile picture of the author Scott Ames
    I'm guessing they don't want it to work. I've tried all sorts of ways to make it work and it won't.

    The URL is the same as in the Google search results. They do read the page to present relative adwords ads.

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    Copy and paste the entire article in your blog. (I think your blog post has to be indexed) Then copy and paste your blog post url in the Keyword Tool bar.
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  • It was working just perfectly fine for me the other day. What browser are you using? That may be your problem, try IE 9. That's what I'm using
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    I think they don't want people to do it anymore. I remember using this about a week ago

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  • Profile picture of the author nimitkashyap
    Its not working and i am using firefox.
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