I made my first $1.83 from Google AdSense

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Hello everyone

I made $1.83 from Google AdSense today. I have never made any money from AdSense before, so this is a very big achievement for me. With that said, how can I find out were this revenue is coming from? I think it would be ideal if i knew which blogs were creating revenue for me.

Thank you,
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    Cool ... good job. Now go and scale it.
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      Welldone, time too rinse & repeat.

      Add adsense tracking to your site's.
      Do a Google search "how to add....."

      Cheers Taffiliae
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    Use google analytics to track your visitors / sites.
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    You need to set up channels when creating your adsense ads.

    For example you have a site about Dog Food...call your channel "dog food".

    Than you will know where your clicks are coming from.
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    Can you imaging how long it will get that from Google. Unfortunately it doesn't earn interest but at least it is a start.

    Just keep using it - the more you can use it the more you will make
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    Good job buddy. Keep it up. Stay focused on this, try not to get distracted by different business models.
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      Originally Posted by Gee Sanghera View Post

      Good job buddy. Keep it up. Stay focused on this, try not to get distracted by different business models.
      I intend to stick with "micro niche blogging" until I reach my goal of $4000 month. Once I reach that goal, I may consider looking at other models.
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    Good job. Nice to see results from your work, isn't it? Don't worry about the amount ... just the fact that it's there means that you can expand on that success.
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    Congrats! I have in the past gotten that for one click, but that doesn't happen often anymore.

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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    Well done! Hey we all started somewhere and now you've made some money you'll have the desire to make and more
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    If you don't care about individual units, just create url channels.

    Else, and I recommend this, create separate channels for each ad unit.
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    You can create 'channels' when creating ad blocks. Just create a channel for each website you have. That way, you can see what channel is earning you the most money.

    Scale it!


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    Originally Posted by royj View Post

    That's a great achievement, $1.83 is more than I've made in the past 6 months. It can only grow from there.

    Good luck!
    1,83 in 6 months is too bad.You must increase the site trafic.

    They have over 2300 Offers, Instant PayPal Payments and Free Training Articles.
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    you should create a channel for knowing it. and there are so many sites that are displayed on your site as Google ads. and also they change randomly. so its a tough matter for you. but some ads are simply constants. mainly the ads that are very low of cost is always displayed. you can also stop specific ads form displaying on your site.
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    It feels so great to make your first money with Adsense, keep up the good work and you will eventually get to a point were you will get payments each month. It is a great supplement to your online earnings. As for tracking in-order to keep track of your earnings do as the other warriors have said here, use separate channels for each ad.

    And congratulations on your achievement.

    There is a new kind of marketing coming to the net. it's called the Chameleon, if you would like to catch a glimpse of it come to http://333aplus.com

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    Those two bucks are proof that you're doing something that's working. Since you've got an income stream all you need to do is kick it up a notch.
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      congratulations and good luck,you must be feeling great!!
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