Has anyone paid for a solo ad to go out to 10000 ?

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how are the results if you have paid for a solo ad like that?
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    Solo ads are hit and miss. I've never had luck with them.

    You really have to know how to write the ad in such a way that it grabs the readers and entices them to take action. If you can't do that, you just wasted $200.

    Remember, these subscribers are exposed to solo ads all the time because they're dealing with an ezine of tips, not just your typical internet marketer's list.

    Before you submit a solo ad to any ezine, I recommend you sign up for the newsletter first. Wait a week or so and see when the next newsletter shows up. Is there a solo ad in it? What does it look like? Is it bland text, or is it colorful? How is it written. There are no other ads on there as promised?

    The more you can pre-empt the solo ad experience the better.

    If you want to learn how to write content that entices a reader to take action, I recommend checking out Eric Gruber's Article Templates at ArticleMarketingExperts.com.

    Or ask one of the copy writing warriors to create a solo ad for you.
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      The thing is, your target has to see your ad 7 times at least before taking action. One solo ad is not going to do that. You'd have to either do 6 more solo ads, or a combination of solo ads and smaller, classified ads to the same list. Then, you'd have some numbers to work with.

      Also, your ad has to speak to the 10000 audience members in subjects that interest them. If they signed up for a mini-course on profiting on ebay, your ad had better promise to give them more of the same: perhaps offering an ebook, step-by-step manual, video training directly or indirectly related to making money on ebay.

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        Originally Posted by sylviad View Post

        The thing is, your target has to see your ad 7 times at least before taking action.
        I guess than no one ever sells anything via PPC where they click a link, come to your site and buy.

        Cause they sure do buy at my sites.

        That's a bunch of crap agencies put out to get you to spend more of your budget.

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        Come on you dont actually believe that do you?

        Perhaps on "averages" its 7 times, but its not like its set in stone

        Originally Posted by sylviad View Post

        The thing is, your target has to see your ad 7 times at least before taking action.

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  • Yeah I did a few solo ads. At first, the results were not too pleasing. But after I did some minor tweaking to my sales copy, I noticed an increase in sales by 44.3%

    I know that sounds kind of un-realistic, but those were my experiences and I'm a veteran Internet Marketer. Also you do realize that by changing just a few words in your copy, your sales could dramatically improve. Please take this advice into consideration and write your sales copy carefully and don't rush yourself.
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    Hmm.. never get any qualitative traffic or sign ups
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    Solo ads and PPC are 2 completely different ways of marketing. Just saying...
    If someone searches for something, you are able to know almost exactly what they want, and they are looking for something. That's just not the case for solo ads.

    You know they have at least a vague interest in something, and that's it. Also they get exposed way more often than PPC, as well as people searching are looking for something NOW.

    It's like thinking you are an awesome seller just becasue you sell much in the store you work, and think you would do just as good as a telemarketer. It's 2 completely different things, yet both of them are sales.

    That being said, I haven't done much solo ads, but it's still marketing, and same concepts apply.

    - Preben

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    Hit and miss. Get a guarantee of some sort and try to see references.
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    Back when I was promoting SFI around 1999 I used solo ads to get into the top 100 sellers a few times and they were very effective. But lately my experiences with solo ads have been dismal at best.
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    I've had some success, but I tend towards PPC now. I think choosing the right list and an offer that matches them is a high priority, then it is all down to the quality of your copy.
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