SeNuke - Is it just me?

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Hello, I just downloaded SeNuke. My problem, I really do not know where to begin. The training videos are not very good. There is an advance course for sale....but I am just looking how to use the SeNuke basics.

Does anyone know of training videos for SeNuke "newbies". I don't mind paying the $127 per month as long as I am able to use the software.

I have done some searches, and only come up with vids people promoting their SeNuke aff link.

Thank you.
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    Yeah I heard it was good too, then downloaded it like you, but could not bring myself to get thru the videos which were downright painful to decipher thus useless to me.
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    If you check out the forum that they offer, you will find some step-by-step examples on how to use it. I don't know if they still have the forum because I cancelled my membership a long time ago. But that is where I found the most helpful information.
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      While I was using trial membership in SENuke, I watched the basic videos they got and was able to work one round of the software on my own. I believe they do have videos on how to work with each module. The confusion comes when you combine all the modules and don't know what to do firts and what's next, just start by creating the accounts (don't forget to make use of the proxy settings by clicking options), then go on with each of the modules, as they are listed one by one. You don't need to do all in one sitting or one day, you can do the modules every other day or so.

      What I did is, I downloaded each of those videos, put them in a folder in my computer, then created another folder and named it viewed videos, then one by one, I shifted all videos that I viewed to this folder. This was to avoid confusion. You can go and and do each module as soon as you watch the specific video for that module. Right now I am viewing the websinar video, I am planning to join soon.

      Hope this helps...
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    That is the one drawback with SeNuke. Once you get the hang of it it does a great job of automating but they really lack a good step-by-step handbook or video that can take you through it all.

    We didn't stay with SeNuke for the long term because of this as the learning curve was just a bit too much. We got them to do the work instead.

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    Now dont take offense to this... but its a good analogy.

    EDIT: nevermind
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