Some one is cookie stuffing my shareasale customers

by Jeannie Crabtree 10 replies
Some one is cookie stuffing my shareasale customers - hope cookie stuffing is the right word.

Unfortunately, I have someone who somehow intercepts my customers ordering off of one or more of my sites. Intercepts and places a cookie and then the cutomer goes to native remedies. I use Shareasale as the affiliate provider. I caught this last night.

I won't give many details yet as I am waiting to hear back from shareasale. I put in a ticket this morning. How long do they usually take??

Don't put all the details here as how it is done, although I am really curious. Just tell me, is this usually because of something that got on my computer such as a worm,etc or do they break in and do it from the website?


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    With such little details, I can't really determine whether your site has been hacked, or if your computer has spyware/adware/virus, etc...

    As for cookie stuffing, this is acomplished in various ways, but it doesn't sound like this is happening, looks like a hack, or spyware to me.

    PM me if you can explain more of your situation, whether you have a website/hosting account that could have been compromised, or other programs running on your host, like a blog/forum/application that might have been exploited if you have not upgraded to the latest version?

    - Jared


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    I've got no idea how long because I've never heard this was possible except through CB. I'd like to know the answer to that question as well, Jeannie.

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    Most likely through PPV networks...
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    I know it is little detail, sorry about that. I am concerned about giving someone ideas, as a lot of people come to the forum. I didn't know this was possible either, Grant.

    I will put some info together and pm you Jarred later tonight. I appreciate any help with this.


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    Ok Jared, I have pm'ed you with the details.


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        This is not cookie stuffing. This is probably PPI. From what you have said I guess you were checking your order page from your computer. Get a friend to try it. I think you will find it does not happen to them.If it does not then it is probably something you have downloaded
        or installed. without more details it is impossible to say
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    Hi Jeannie, do you know if this problem has been resolved?

    There certainly appears to be problems at Shareasale (and it's costing me $$$!) but I'm still trying to find out exactly what's going on.

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    I have not figured this one out, although I know what my
    brother and I saw, by the time a shareasale tech looked at
    it there was not the same set up.

    When I looked at my backlinks, I saw this listing:

    Mens Reduce For " baby massage oil. Mens-Reduce for Mennorhagia. Mens- Reduce - Reduces and regulates heavy menstrual flow ... Mens Health (28) Mental ... - Similar pages - Note this

    I recognized that this was from my blog, but had another site as the

    So I pasted the site in my browser, and it redirected me to another
    site, which redirected to Native Remedies. The interesting
    thing was that down in the area that a person would phone in the
    order was MY affiliate number.

    I ran that back and forth a few times. My brother knows more than
    I do, so he stopped it on the second redirect and we looked at source
    code. I have saved that info.

    Then he said, “lets look at your cookies”. Yes, I had a Native Remedies
    Cookie dropped on me by the redirect site. (But remember, when we go
    there, It shows MY affiliate number.)

    Native Remedies say that they can't tell who had the first cookie, so they give everyone involved a part of the sale. So if you visited 3
    sites looking at products and went back to the middle one, ALL THREE
    of the affiliates get a share in the sale.

    I phoned about really needing some help, Shareasale admitted that they had not got a tech on the ticket as they were behind. By the time a tech saw it, he emailed back and said there was no problem. I am sure
    he thought I was a strange one.

    Indeed, the redirect now went to the native remedies site and there was
    another affiliate number on there. The guy who had the redirects, I

    So, either the person was alerted in his stats with the increased activity from the same IP (me), that someone knew something was up and changed the set up to his own affiliate info ...

    Or when I went through his site, it still showed my cookie on the other end. Which would be a glitch on the part of Shareasale.

    But that still leaves a question about why the listing showed up with my blog information and went through these redirects. And at what point he intercepted my visitors.

    I don't have many answsers here. Any one have any thoughts?


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    Jeannie, I do not understand what you were talking about, but I have had an experience where Shareasale stats were suspect. However, I may have been a beneficiary that time.

    I had a large number of sales credited to me in December last year. According to the control panel, all came from a particular page on one of my sites. But when I looked at the AWstats and Webalizer stats, the no. of sales credited to me were several times that of logged visitors to that page. Moroever, when I tried to use PPC to promote that product, I could not get any conversions after many clicks. Therefore it was possible that these sales were wrongly credited to me.


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      Hi Derek, this has to do with someone doing a redirect, using my information,
      me ending up at native remedies, on a page with my affiliate number on it.

      While placing a cookie on my computer, that would end up in my sharing a sale with this person if I had purchased something or ever do from Native Remedies.

      I am either dealing with a shady person, or something is amiss at shareasale.

      Sorry to hear you had problems, but you mentioned it seemed to be in your favor.

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