How to See Competitor Web ranking and links?

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hey guys,

I'm trying to find a good free software that i can use to input a few websites and see their Search Engine Rankings and link popularity. Any recommendations?

Also, I need a tool that shows how many searches there are for certain key terms besides google keyword tool which only shows google searches or hexatracker.

The point: I'm trying to do market research and find markets where websites are less competitive so I'd like to compare like 10 or so at a time.
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    Traffic Travis has a module called Search Engine Tools and it lets you pull competitor website rankings for keywords as well as backlinks to any site.
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    Hello, I've ran into this problem before and have gotten very frustrated! I've had several tool to help me find PR's and find the back-links to my competitors. One site I've found is, another program i use to check multiple pages at once is scrapbox, also a great add on you should consider is googletoolbar. I wish you the best of luck, Pete
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      This might not help you; but I had the same problem. I decided to create my own tools using my rudimentary programming skills.
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        yea i have none of those, but the previous posts were pretty good, thanks though
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    Also be sure to checkout ppc competitors too when you're researching competition using things like or
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