What do you think of the New Google Adwords Keyword Tool?

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Just went to the Google Adwords keyword tool and it has a completely new look to.

What are your opinions on the new look? Do you like it or not?

Did Google announce they were redesigning it?

ETA: Here are the new features to the keyword tool according to what the site says:

Keyword Tool
  • See the most relevant search data from both the original Keyword Tool and the Search-based Keyword Tool.
  • Search for keyword ideas using any combination of keywords, a URL, and categories.
  • Download selected keywords, all keyword results, or all keywords for certain queries.
  • Choose to see stats for Mobile Search, define both the Max CPC and Daily Budget for traffic estimates, and filter your results by Estimated statistics (impressions, average CPCs, etc.), search volume (Global Monthly Searches, etc.), and competition types.
  • Compare statistics for your keywords with one or more match types at the same time.
Placement Tool
  • Search for placement ideas by any combination of keyword, website, categories, or placement types.
  • Further filter placements by Country or Language, Estimated Content Impressions Per Day, Included Ad Sizes (those sizes offered by the content publisher for their offered placements), and demographic options.
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