Who Would You Turn To?

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Hi All:

After years of operating a few online businesses, I want to semi-retire and think about offering parts of it to others by way of a membership site, selling the business model outright, etc. - all that I do, know and learned in over 11 years.

I have very little experience in this concept of selling a business, course or membership, but I see a lot of members selling items, Joint Venturing, setting up membership sites, etc.


Who would you choose to be the person to view your site confidentially, offer advice on the sellability of the concept, etc? The business has been very lucrative for me, and I do not want to risk giving it away.

I am not aware of the most respected members when it comes to such things, so I am asking for your advice or input on whom to ask to review the site and concept, or the people you are most likely to trust to do so.

Thank you for any input that you may give.

Please excuse me if I have posted in the wrong area.
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  • I would say you could make a reasonable judgement call on that one by looking at how many times someone has posted, and how many times they have been thanked on Warrior Forum. Lots of posts and thanks let's you know that they are listened to and respected. You could also check with some of the moderators perhaps?
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    I would ask LMC on the Warrior Forum
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