I Made a Whopping $2.24 By Submitting 6 Articles to Associated Content.

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After submitting 6 articles on Monday I just got word that associated content rejected 5 of them and accepted 1. The payment they offered is $2.24.

I just did this as an experiment on the side. I'll of these articles had already been published to other article directories. I just wanted to see how easy or difficult it was to make a little extra money.

The reasons that the articles were rejected was because that they weren't unique enough. The niche I wrote for (weight loss) is definitely saturated on there.

This isn't enough data to say whether it's worth it or not. For me, I'll never do it again just because it's not part of my business model and for time reasons. But if you could submit 4 unique articles each day and make nearly $10 per day that would pay a couple of your bills over a month.

Whatever you do, submit your articles to the big directories first. Then if you feel like a little extra cash, you can try associated content.

Jason Jensen
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      You hit the nail on the head. You can make some good money on constant content to if you write for articles that are requested.

      Unfortunately, or luckily, I am not an excellent writer. I know how to write articles that get read and clicked on, but I am not the guy to write a 3,000 word article on the ocean.

      Jason Jensen
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      I understand that sometimes, even if you think your article is unique, and you've done what you feel is thorough checking, they might still reject it.
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    Ok, so will they approve if I submit the same article in high authority directories first and then to them? Can't they find out the uniqueness of the articles?
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    Thats awesome man congrats!...Will look into maybe trying this out..Sounds like a good way to maybe triple those numbers for to make a good days pay...? hummm

    "Whatever you believe will happen, will happen"

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    Sometimes it's hard to have articles published on certain sites. Some sites are looking for something really unique... and there are millions and millions of writers out there that write about popular topics.
    I just say keep trying and submitting...
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    You will never get rich writing articles for pennies, however, you can get rich writing articles for your own blog site. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong for writing for somebody else for a living... just be sure that you are earning a decent wage off of it. Most profit sharing sites are making a killing off of several thousand writers who make pennies.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    Hehe I never put much faith in these site,s but it is interesting to see what you get.
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    It's better if people sell the articles if you ask me. With 4 articles you could
    earn $20 instead of $10, if you sell them for just $5.
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