Can you share your top 5 FREE press releas sites

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I just bumped into the very informative thread of Dana on the long list of press release sites; however, when I tried using some of the listed sites, I found out that most free press release sites do not allow outbound links to my site; unless I sign up for their premium services for a fee

I also find it time consuming to go through the long list of press release sites to check which amomg them is best.

A little help from you would be highly appreciated as it can save a lot of my time.

So, what are your top 5 FREE press release sites.

Thanks a lot.
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    Hey there johnmags, these are my top taste may be alittle different than your but I believe if you give these top 5 sites a try you should see great traffic to your website. I have used them for years and they are very reliable...

    Free Press Release Distribution Sites

    24-7 Press Release is an impressive free press release distribution website offering an affordable alternative to high-priced press release promotion services. 24-7 Press Release has serviced over 20,000 clients and distributed more than 33,000 press releases.

    ClickPress is another free service you can submit your press releases to, which will not only be available to site visitors, but to major web and news search engines as well. If your submissions is approved it will remain in the ClickPress archives forever.

    PR-Inside is a very basic and easy to use free press release service. Simply sign up and submit your well-written press release in the appropriate category such as business, health or technology.

    PR9 is a quality service with a variety of news categories for you to submit to. Register online for free and submit your story for inclusion to their news directory.

    5. allows you to create a company profile which will be listed in their business directory in the appropriate category. The site also allows you to submit press releases, allowing you to generate quality leads, as well as worldwide and local exposure for your business.

    To your great success!

    "Whatever you believe will happen, will happen"

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    Thanks for sharing your top 5 pr sites masterdj; I have bookmarked them so that I can try them out.

    Are you looking for a Professional Content Writer
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    I don't use 5 I use 1, which is prlog. It's pretty good.
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      I tried prlog but the site do not accept emails using free accounts like yahoo and gmail during the registration process.


      Originally Posted by IM Headlines View Post

      I don't use 5 I use 1, which is prlog. It's pretty good.
      Are you looking for a Professional Content Writer
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    This site lists 50 and lets you know if you have to register or if you can just submit away.
    50 Free Press Release Submission Websites

    Hope it helps!

    I offer Product Launch Blueprints and Product Launch Management Services. I studied under Jeff Walker's Product Launch Manager Coaching Program. I also provide online marketing for Personal Development Guru's in the Self Growth Industry. Looking forward to support you in any way I can. Namaste, James Sol Radina

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    Thanks for sharing the list of 50 press release sites. That is awesome.
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