Company wants to buy ad space....what to do??

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Hey guys and gals. You know my site Ghostwriting and Research. Well, I got an email from a text ad brokerage company wanting to buy ad space on my site, paying annually....I've no experience with this at all. I won't post the email I got, but it is from a real person and seems legit. The company is Linkstar, based in the UK. I certainly don't want to miss this if it is a good opportunity, but I'm unsure as to rates, again they're offering to pay a "fixed annual fee" and want to place text ads.

Advice would be appreciated....

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    I guess my real questions are:

    1. What type of questions should I be asking this person? and

    2. how to determine what to charge or what the "going rate" is?
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      Originally Posted by cypherslock View Post

      2. how to determine what to charge or what the "going rate" is?
      The "going rate" is fluid. There are a lot of high traffic sites that whore their ad space out, just as there are many that charge a premium.

      I suggest going at it with a month to month plan. That way, you can increase the rates slightly each month. If the ad is working well for them, then they will go with the flow. When they decline, then you know you have hit the ceiling with that advertiser. Of course, this is a moot point if they are buying SEO links. In that case they will just want to set it and forget it with a long term deal.
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    I've done as you suggested, thanks Justin...This should be interesting.
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    Dude, have them pay MONTHLY, recurring on a contract, with a 3 month cancel out period.....

    In terms of calculating what to charge, maybe have a read of this

    Selling Advertising Space Part 2: Do You Get Enough Traffic And How Much Should You Charge? |

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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