30-Sec TV Commercial Quote: $5,000 How Does Google TV Compare??

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Does this make sense? How much would these 30-second TV Commercials cost
to run using Google TV instead? What is the difference between this and Google TV?

Ship Shape, boat improvement show that airs on Fox Sports South via Satellite (DirecTV and Dish)
on systems in the following states: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama

Below please find HH subscriber base per Network per SDRS (Standard Rate and Data Service).

Fox Sports Network Florida: 5,100,000
Fox Sports South: 6,500,000
Fox Sports Carolinas: 4,000,000
Fox Sports Tennessee: 1,800,000

Total number of thirty second cash spots: 172.
You will also receive bonus spots.

Total cost: $5000.

Schedule starts Monday, April 26 and airs through May 23.

If you want to move forward, I'll need a BETA SP tape of commercial.
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