Uh, oh; I just got the dreaded GetResponse email...

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Remember a while back someone posted here that he got a warning email from GetResponse saying they were going to shut down his account of 15,000 subs because he got one big day of spam complaints?

Since then I've been carefully watching my spam complaint % on my list of 25,000. Most mailings generated a 1% spam complaint level, but other times it was up to 2%.

Well tonight I got an email from GR saying that I'm in big trouble because 8% of my sign-ups bounce my confirmation email and 3% of my follow-up emails get spam complaints.

Now, first off, WHY would fake email addresses be signing up for my ezine? Is there such a thing as bot-sign-ups? Or is this a malicious thing being done against me? And if such things exist, how can GR not be aware of them?

They told me that to avoid confirmation email bounces, I should make sure not to add lists of leads to my account. What da heck? I don't buy leads! Why don't they take TWO SECONDS and check that before making such a comment?

And the 3% spam complaint thing.... Their wording in the email was "The follow-ups
have complaints ratio equal to 0.3% with the allowed 0.1%." This part I'm not sure about; do they mean follow-ups as in my regular autoresponse follow-up messages? Or do they mean all my emails? Either way, is it possible the spam complaints could also be malicious? I unsubsribed myself from my list and I didn't see any option to "report as spam". How the heck are people complaining about me?

Anyway, they told me to tell them what I'm going to do to clean up my act or else they'll kick me out next month.

I did suspend my follow up emails so that should help. But seeing as how I have nothing to do with that 8% bounce rate on sign ups, I should be asking THEM what THEY'RE going to do about it.

Any ideas as to what could be causing those bounces?
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    Are you offering a free report or something like that? If so, people may be entering a fake address because they want your report, but don't want your emails. Of course, we know that they won't get anything unless they double opt in, but they may not know that. Soooooo, what I would do is be specific and put on your site, no ticky no shirty.

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    Double opt-in is the bst way to ensure you don't get any bouncing emails subscribed. It may be a pain but so much safer. Plus it ensures a clean list.
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