Need Giveaway Products For Launches-Resources please?

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Hello, I am looking for any suggestions for products that can be added as a bonus with giveaway rights included. IM niche will work fine. I also would put out a general invite to any members that would offer their own free product as a bonus in a password protected area. This would also be for the launch bonus idea. We could work out details on whatever product could be offered up front with no forced optin, and maybe a backend offer or self advertising at the end of the free training, this way you realize a few possible new customers without arm twisting.

I have a password protected blog that I will be sending customers to, and would like to offer my bonus package through that delivery style. This way, more can be added as time goes on and more customers buy through my link, they all get access to the product download area on top of what the guru is offering as a sign on or purchase bonus. I have tried crazy membership dotcom, they have a nice selection, but I would be open to other websites that you may suggest.

Any ideas to help me out? I would like to hear from you. I have just a short time before my first launch promotion will be starting to realize sales.

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