Teach me how to use the best spinner

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Dear Warriors,

I am looking for step by step video teaching me how to use the best spinner efficiently.

Here is what I would like to achieve:

-generate at least 8 spun articles with uniqueness of 30 to 40% (ideally would like to achieve this for 18 spun articles). Articles are usually between 300 and 500 words

-Articles must be human readable!!

-learn how to do nested spinning

-learn how to do advanced spinning (html spinning) and syntax spinning.

The goal is for me to find out every steps that will allow me to produce 8 to 18 spun articles in the minimum amount of time possible and are readable by a human .

Although I am not a native English speaker , I have been in the UK for over 20 years, so if parts of the steps involve manually editing synonyms and syntax then it should be fine.

So if you are able to achieve this yourself and are willing to teach me how to do this then I am willing to pay for your time and efforts.

In order for me to choose with whom to work, please send me example of your work matching the above criteria for review indicating the time it took you to produce as well as your price for teaching me the steps via video.

PM me if you have any questions or email me at manuel [underscore] boissiere [at] hotmail [dot] com

Thank you in advance for your interest.

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    Jonathan provides a video. I was helping my sister with it and found that he talks a little too fast, so I paused it often and she took notes.

    It can seem overwhelming, so my suggestion is just watch about the first third, and then go try it using your notes. Play with it a couple times and you will catch on.

    Then watch the video again to pick up more info.

    I won't post a link to the video as I don't know if that is within the paid membership or somewhere for the general public.

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    Yeah, I thought the video on the homepage was great, if you google "Jetspinner" then I think they have an instructional video you can watch which explains the basics of spinning and about the syntax etc too - and since it is the same syntax / spinning rules it is relevant too

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    Pres tab, click words, pres tab, click words, press tab click words.....
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