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I am a relative newbie to internet marketing. I have been studying it for a few months now trying some article marketing (bum method) and setting up a few squidoo pages but with no results yet. I finally decided to plunk down a little money and get a couple of webpages set up and have been building backlinks to them. The thing I need now is traffic. On this point I am getting overwhelmed.:confused:

There is a lot of great info out there but i just don't know where to begin. I'd kinda like to make a little bit of money to recoup my costs and show my wife that this venture is not a waste of time.

I am looking for advice and maybe see what has worked well for other people in terms of getting traffic to their site a bit quicker. I know that given time and promotion, my site will rise in the search engine rankings but i kinda need a morale boost.

Any help is greatly appreciated
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    It is hard to beat PPC simply because of how targeted the traffic is, however, it can get expensive quickly if you do not approach it properly. There are lots of free ebooks out there that will get you on the right path.
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    Hi Cjredart,

    There are many useful information posted by many helpful warriors in this forum and you might want to read around first.

    It seems that you are confused and you are not following a system. There are many useful warriors here who posted their whole system which you can follow. You will want to select ONE system and STICK to it.

    You might not see immediate results but it does not mean that it is not working. Following the system closely and take consistent action.

    Explore this forum and you will find the golden nuggets.

    All the best to you


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      Hi cjredart,

      Starting out online is usually overwhelming. But, your wife can relax good money can be made if you are dedicated.

      Assuming you are promoting affiliate products:

      Traffic is key - everything boils down to traffic and conversion.

      Once you have enough traffic to an offer you can see whether it is profitable or not.

      all you really need is about 100 - 150 clicks to each offer just to test it.

      Find a profitable offer and stick to it by generating more traffic.

      So how do you get traffic?

      This really depends...

      What is your budget?

      If you want really quick traffic and you have money to invest then I would recommend PPC but if you're not familiar with PPC then do NOT use google adwords - it will just turn out to be very expensive to test.

      You can use second tier search engines like: miva, looksmart and others where you pay very little/ click and there is NO review process - pretty much like the wild west!

      If you're on a tight budget - then I would recommend the following:

      Try to find a niche and product that people are buying - a product that sells well and gives out high commissions. The effort you put in is the same so you want to target offers with higher commissions.

      Focus on writing articles and getting them ranked high on the search engines while building backlinks to your website - that's killing 2 birds with one stone.

      I would recommend that you also build a list and get people to join your newsletter - that way to can promote other products to them in the future.

      You need to remember that making money online is a business and you need to stay focused. Try to concentrate on the thing you need right now and implement it untill you see results if you sent enough traffic (100 - 150 clicks) and have not seen $ coming in, send them to a different offer.

      So now the only thing you should focus on is traffic!

      Once you have traffic focus on conversions.

      Once you have conversions focus on scaling your campaigns.

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      Originally Posted by Zack Lim View Post

      Hi Cjredart,

      You will want to select ONE system and STICK to it.


      That's something you need to write down and put above your mirror where you see it every day. Seriously. Put inspiration like this all around you, and never give up!
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    Thanks for the replies so far.

    @buyitbelow: I don't currently have any money to work with as far as PPC so that is out of the question.

    @Zack Lim: I know there are alot of good systems out there and that i need to find one and stick to. Sorry if i didn't make myself clear in the original post, but this is part of my problem. There are so many that i don't know which one to choose. I'm looking for any advice on which one would be a good one.

    I'm trying to get this going in between working full time and taking care of my 3 month old when my wife is working. I'm trying to squeeze out as much time into marketing as i can. Just need some idea of a good way to go
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    In my newbie experience, find a service that lots of people can use and make sure it pays recurring monthly affiliate commissions.

    Then... build a simple one page website or mask the affiliate page using a 301 redirect and simply promote as your budget can afford.

    You can use forums, free advertising sites and even premium safelists.

    My very first affiliate payment was from doing the above,

    Hope this helps,


    PS: Stick to one thing at first, when it's working and paying well, move on to your next project.
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    I was once VERY VERY new like you. The best thing to do is have a plan... I follow a plan called One Week Marketing that explains EVERYTHING is steps... how to get ranked on google, how to do keywords.. everything... I started there... I have had success following that plan with squidoo lenses. I also just have a domain.

    You can get traffic just about anywhere. I posted something called "LISTS LISTS LISTS" on this forum to ask about traffic as well... but just keep going and do it in steps so you don't get overwhelmed... There is SOOOO much info ... so it's best I think to try and just stick to plan and try that out first for a while. Things will start to happen. Write a lot of articles... 5 or 10 are just not enough.. use different keywords... submit those articles to different directories... and sites like Digg and Propeller... they get very good traffic...

    Just keep trying!
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      Have you signed that site up to blog catalog or any other blog networking sites? Are you writing articles linking back to your site? Are you posting on pregnancy forums with a link back to your site?

      You need to get the word out in as many places that you can on where they should go if they are looking for the information you provide.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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