What's a good free online logo creator?

by r3bb
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I don't need anything fancy, just a picture and some words next to it. I've been Googling for the last hour and I can't find anything that's actually free (they all let you design your logo for free and then you have to pay for it).
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    did you google logo generator? I just found a few and they were free, and even made a logo that I could have downloaded.

    You can also get them done inexpensively here with the logo nerds in the WSO's

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    I like to use gimp to make my own logos. It takes a little practice and youtube has a few good tutorials that teach logo creation.

    Like I said it takes a little practice but each time you need a logo you can whip one up.

    So, that's an option.
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      Well I got exactly what you're looking for: cooltext.com

      It's free and you can get a wide range of logos in a matter of seconds. Really cool.
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    well, I'll bust out a logo in Photoshop real quick if you want. I wont charge you anything
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    aalogo is very good my friend. Try it!
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    Just my two cents... I work in Copyright for my day job lol.. If you are making your own logo and are looking to have it on websites and advertisements, my advice to you is to register your logo with the United States Copyright Office... that is if you are from the US. This way someone in the long run won't steal your logo and design. This usually costs around $35 doing it online and submitting the logo.. otherwise doing it through the mail will cost you $45.
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    those "free" logo creators are limited to their designs or fonts - you may find that okay if you just want a non-copyrighted or unoriginal logo. If you want an original one that you claim your own copyright, I suggest two ways...

    the first which is already mentioned above - hire one to create your logo...

    the second which is my own free method - draw by hand on paper, scan it into the computer, clean it up with Paint.net, and export it into a PNG...
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