Clickbank landing page anyone?

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Does anyone have experience with creating clickbank landing pages or can point me to a service that does this? I am about to launch my FIRST clickbank product and want to have the best chances for success.

Thanks in advance!

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    Do you mean a landing page or a salespage? Because if you launch your product, you'll need a salespage... There are decent services of Warriors here at the forum, they have portfolios where you can check the quality.
    Good luck with your launch!

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    Wordpress all the way, really. It can do anything and will ultimately outrank most "landing pages".
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    Check this forum:

    The Copywriting Forum

    Before you post an ad check this thread (in particlar the third post)

    And you might also want to check this thread

    Hope that helps

    I like to keep an open mind, but not so open that my brains fall out

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    What I usually do is buy a domain name and have it forwarded directly to the product sales link.... usually works well with my techniques
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    Oh sorry.. just read that you are launching your OWN product....This I do not know what to do... What kind of product.. just curious ?
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    Congrats on your product! As GeorgR. suggested, you could use WP.

    There are also numerous minisite designers on the forum - check the WSO section and the Warrior Products & Services section (warriors for hire).

    I can't remember a long enough list to be fair to all, so I'll refrain from specific recommendations.

    All success with your launch.

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