What Price Should I Be Looking At For My Page 1 Domain

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Hi Warriors,

I need your help, I have decided to start flipping a few of my domain names and one in particular is my domain name kunaki.co.uk which ranks number 2 on Google and other search engines for the term kunaki, right under the main kunaki site which offers a publish on demand service for sellers of DVDs and CDs.

This domain also ranks page one of Google and other search engines for terms related to DVD Fulfillment and CD Fulfilment which are not cheap words to bid on using PPC. I also rank page 1 of YouTube for the same targeted terms I am on page one of search engines for and these all direct traffic to the domain also, so anyone searching Kunaki tends to find me first. So curious whether anyone can give me some idea of what kind of price I should be looking at to sell the domain for if I flip it or give me a link for somewhere I can find its value to a serious IMer.

Also I forgot to mention I created a few pieces of software that allow people to automate their DVD and CD Fulfillment with kunaki. I created a version for users of 1shoppingcart to automate their DVD and CD Fulfillment with kunaki and also created three other HOSTED versions of the software.

The reason for the hosted versions was so a subscription income can be earned from them, so would probably include the rights to these with sale of domain. So anyone with expertise in this area, can you tell me what I should be looking at for the domain by itself and or with the rights to the softwares I had made.

Thanks fellow warriors in advance for your input.

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