Pre-Launch - How long? How To Make Effective?

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Hey guys.

I am going to be properly pre-launching Sticky PLR very soon and to start/celebrate this pre-launch I am writing a 30 day PLR course which will be sent via email for free to those who are interested.

I have two questions here though:

1. How long should my pre-launch be? Since its a 30 day course should I wait until those 30 days are over or somewhere in between introduce that Sticky PLR has launched and that they can join...

2. How should I create a buzz? How would I build traffic to the squeeze page to download the 30 day PLR course?

JVs seem a good idea however, how do i get those on board, what sort of benefits do I need to give them?

Since this is a limited membership package from Sticky PLR for the initial launch running an affiliate program through Clickbank seems pointless. However to pay JVs which will be a high one time commission what would be the best way to approach this?

OK a little over two questions but still...

Thanks dudes & dudets
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