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Hi Warriors, in the last year I have learned so much just reading from all of you guys that I decided to dive in and make my first big post..

The exclusivity factor is something that I don't see a lot of people talking about here:

How does this work and how the exclusivity factor has produce for me over 50K in the last 2 years?

First - Disclaimer: Making money from adsense, affiliate, ebay or Amazon is nice... but it takes tie...
if you want to make some good money fast target normal people... people interested in advertising in your website.

How do you achieve that make businesses WANT to advertise in your website?

Create a sense of Exclusivity.

Let's go step by step in the way I make my sites

1. Find a niche where people/businesses have a lot or PRIDE about their business.. usually where the business owner is the manager and the main money maker of the business. This means... avoid big corporations or franchises.
Example: Personal Trainers . Small business Accountants - Hypnotherapists .. etc

The more obscure... the better... example: Wood Toy Makers - Bonsai Garden Consultants - Professional Tarot Readers

2) Make a type of directory website, but instead of directory create a system where you INTERVIEW a group of the "Best 10" Personal Trainers.
Don't just post, boring info... instead contact a selected group, ask them cool questions and let them answer you and provide you cool fresh, unique content.

* Don't just make a directory... make a site with content... let the first 10 free members to provide the content... at the end of the day, they are the experts

3) Your domain will include already the exclusivity factor.
Best Personal trainers Florida or Top Hypnotherapists Australia.
Remember: You just need to choose a niche, where you can find 20 to 100 professionals in that field.

4) Once you post your first 10 interviews and you customize your template.. is time to contact the rest of the professionals.

5) You can create this sites in Wordpress.... there is no need to over complicate things.

::::::::::::::::::::::: THE EXCLUSIVITY PART ::::::::::::::::::

You are only to sell 1 membership per city. So you contact people directly telling them about the website and invite them to join you explaining them that is just 1 person per city. (For all of you in the USA that is a great system... you can sell 1 per state )

Before you bash me regarding commercial emails or spam law... (I'm not going to go there).. The email you send is as personal as possible (do not copy and paste) and you are offering them something 100% related to their industry, I add my real name, a proper email, full address and phone number.

the offer: Usually I offer people to join for $15 per month... to be part of the site... and I tell them I can only take 1 person from each city - so they are the EXCLUSIVE Members from their region.

This creates a serious exclusivity offer - mainly because they think
1- If I join I become the only one in my city (and they love that)
2. - if I don;t join someone else will join and they will be the only one in my area - (and that other person is their competition).

I believe in 75% of cases they join because they just don't want their competitors to join instead of them.

Usually I will sell 10 memberships in the first day of launching the site.

Then I wash and repeat... create a new site... a new market... same process..

I hope this idea it helps you It has worked for me and my family for years.. .

Take care


:::: Any questions? - just ask ::::::::::::
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    That's a great post with lots of useful information. I had never really thought of what you call "the exclusivity factor" before, at least not in the way you look at it.
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    This was a very good post with a ton of info!
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    I'm glad it help you guys thanks for replying

    Gabriel Machuret
    Head of Warrior Forum

    If you aren't happy with the Warrior Forum PM me. I want to know about it.

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