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Hello warriors..

I'm curious to know what is the best backlinking strategy for a new site???
I heard that submitting to article directories is not suit a new site. I mean, a massive submission using software because it can land the site in google sandbox.

Any advice from you guys??? If you are SEO expert, you are welcome to comment..

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    I've always had good results using Angela's backlinks even for new websites. This is not only effective link building but easy and affordable too.
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    you can try anjela, paul type of links where you can control exact link building per day

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    Link building the hard way can be a tedious task but always yields better results on the long term. What I mean by hard way is creating link magnet content that has potential to go viral.

    But if your time is limited, Angela's packets coupled with article marketing to popular article directories always have worked well for me.
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    I submit articles to article directories for my new sites and have got no problems whatsoever so far.

    As for backlinks, there are so many services on this forum that you can try. I have had success with so many of them.

    Angela, Paul and so many others are offering this service at a very cheap ( I mean very cheap ) price.
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    thanks guys...
    but if I do site flipping, I think angela's link wouldn't be suitable right??

    Adams AD
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      Originally Posted by adamsad View Post

      thanks guys...
      but if I do site flipping, I think angela's link wouldn't be suitable right??

      Adams AD
      Why not? The very first month ( 3 straight months ) I used the service for my sites, I was able to sell the site for $3999. But I worked, I did not seat in front of the computer doing nothing and expecting money.

      The thing is, services such as Angela's work but you have to do some other things such as article marketing, yahoo answers and the likes to see tangible profit.
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        Carry on, Angela's links work like magic. And it is a completely separate matter when it comes to flipping - in fact if you can show some good numbers from your site then you are going to make good money out of it at the flip, and Angela's thing helps in that context.

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    I would find a list of related blogs and manually request blogroll/ link exchanges. Make sure to use your Target keyword along with some other LSI keywords to increase your rankings within the search engines. I do this now and my websites have skyrocketed to the first page of google.

    Some other reliable methods are to do some forum posting, blog commenting on dofollow blogs and guest posting on other blogs using your keywords in your links on the guest blog post.

    Also don't forget about twitter, propeller, I found these links stick after verifying them in google webmaster tools. Google does recognize them and they do stick.

    PM me if you need some more help.

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    5 links for 5 bucks. He does a good job too.

    (I am not associated with this person in any way).

    smarkman: I will write 5 comments with SEO backlinks to your site for $5 at
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    that's a lot of money. I will try it on my next site.
    But did angela's allow that?? I'm selling the site with that link.

    Adams AD
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