Your super stellar example is now....

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Your super stellar example is now....a parked domain page. Thank you for playing.

Did you ever see an example of a great sales page or internet site in a book then go to look at the live site only to see a parked domain page? Argggg... That gets to me especially when the example is of a great sales page that is just raking in the dough.

Worse is a link from an online page to a parked domain. I've seen this in graphic designers portfolios and even in courses touting another "can't fail" money making site.

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    I see these as potential opportunities. Parked with backlinks could be a good domain purchase. Do a way back check and you may find some good internal links with pr and backlinks to those urls.

    After you have acquired the domain replicate the internal links to salvage the BL's and PR.
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