I just realized why I love the Warrior Forum so much...

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Because there's no ads! Well...and a few other reasons.

I've been visiting a couple other forums and their readability is terrible. Weird colors, ads everywhere, it's hard to focus on what the poster has actually said.

The WF is so crisp and clean cut that it's really easy to read posts and not painful to look at.

Of course this is not to mention all the great people and knowledge gathered together into one place. But could this be partly the result of a well layed out and useful site design?

Anyway, kinda shows to me what the power of a well thought out site can have.

Thanks Allen for making it easy on the eyes.
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    yeah I agree with what you say 100%, its got to be the best IM resource out there on the web. I still seem to learn something new pretty much everyday here.
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    There are *plenty* of ads (WSO, signature, etc.), but they are sort of voluntarily absorbed for those who are interested.

    This is, of course, a powerful concept, as Seth Godin (Permission Marketing) and many Warrior geniuses have been telling us for years.
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    I'm new here and this is by far the best theme I have ever seen for a forum...the clean design, with easy to read post and simple navigation rocks. I love that there are no ads...that is just a sign that this forum has a loyal community base that is willing to either donate or upgrade. I have already spent a total of 7 hours on here and I just joined less than a day ago. Wonderful information...the war room must be full of gems. I'll see them soon

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    It is great, isn't it? Sometimes 'ugly" is better. Maybe "simple" is a better word. The search isn't that great, but I think it's just the forum software's limitations.
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    You are absolutely right. Actually I am new here too, however as compared to other forums I agree that WF is special, in its looks as well as the tremendous amount of stuff we get to learn from the threads. I really appreciate the hard work the admin and its moderators are doing to keep it going
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    Life is GOOD! :)
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    I couldn't agree more with all the above. WF Rocks!!!!!
    If you start out with a mistaken premise, it is impossible to reach your goal.
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      What I like best about WaFo is that even though it can get annoying at times everyone here treats beginners with respect.
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    Most of the other marketing forums are filled with people that are searching for a magic dust that will instantly make them rich. They are people that are too lazy to do research and much too lazy to actually do work. Most are broker than dirt too. This forum is a paid membership forum, so it weeds out a lot of the beggars and dopes.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    I've never come across a forum theme online that looks like this on the net. I presume it must be a custom theme specially created for the Warrior Forum. And that makes it extremely unique.
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    I appreciate clean designs myself

    What I don't get are internet marketers who make comments about not wanting to see ads. That's your bread and butter no?
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