Article Base Uses 'No Follow' Tags On Anchor Text....Is It Even Worth It To Post With Them?

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I'm trying to build up backlinks to my articles over at ezine articles using different article directories. I noticed under the term of submission for ArticleBase that they use "no follow" tags for anchor text.

Is it even worth it to link back to my article from them?
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    I really do not know but i do get back links from article base each time i submit an article.
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      Originally Posted by johnben1444 View Post

      I really do not know but i do get back links from article base each time i submit an article.
      Do you use anchor text?
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    Yes, will PM a link to my article to your now.
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    Why would you not use them?

    Some people say G doesn't listen to No Follow... Some people say they absolutely do.

    I say use both... it looks more natural anyways.
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    If i want to use "Earn Cash Online" as anchor this is how i do it.

    <a href="">Earn Cash Online</a>

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      I get better results from them than any other directory so I would say yes
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    Originally Posted by NY1 View Post

    One thing to take into account is that there are a lot of auto blogs that pull from Articles Base and this will help you gain more backlinks as well. Also, you can get a decent amount of traffic from Articles Base and that is something to consider.

    As far as Google not counting the links from Articles Base, I think that they do.


    If you have some articles that are a month or more older and they point back to your site and you have a Webmaster Account with Google, take a look at whether or not they are showing up there.

    I have two different sites that have more than 1,000 links pointing back to them from Articles Base when I look in my Google Webmaster account, so I would believe they do count them for something.

    From what I understand from experience, and I could be wrong, the no follow only relates to passing Page Rank, and still helps to count as an anchored link pointing back to your site which helps to push up your Search engine ranking.

    For a competitive review term that I have a first page ranking for, the majority of those links all came from Articles Base and the subsequent auto blogs that have pulled from there.

    One thing to note as well, is that most of the references to no follow tags that actually relate to Google, point back to articles on Matt Cutts' blog from 2005-07.

    A lot of things have changed since then, so, Google's stance could have easily changed since then.

    I am not an SEO expert, but I do have a pretty good time of ranking my sites and pages in the top 10 for competitive terms (I don't do a whole lot of long tails) and quite a few of my links have come from sites that have no follow tags.

    Cool Beans....Thanks for the info. I would like to thank everyone for their input.
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    Articlesbase has no follow on their links. However, who knows exactly what google looks for to count your backlinks?

    SEO experts can say all they want but until they own google I would say all links are important. Both no follow and do follow.

    And besides did you know that articlesbase ranks well in the search engines?

    If not for the backlinks... just maybe you could use the extra traffic that you will get from them.
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    Does having every link that points to you be a do-follow look natural ?

    That's a question of the rhetorical variety by the way.

    Whether Google apportions link juice to them is a different matter, I tend to think probably not as their webmasters blog still tells you to add no follow to links you don't want them to follow on your own site to maintain silo integrity, so , and it's only a hunch I'm guessing not.

    But, you can bet your bottom dollar, Google can see that you have "x" number of links and in a natural linking environment, some of them should be no follow.

    So either way, there's no downside.
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    I think that they are well worth it. The site still draws in a number of visitors and it would benefit you site in the long run.
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