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Maybe others have experienced this since so many here have made good money online, but I sure went through some kind of metamorphasis when I first started making good money online from home...

You see, I often relate my online business and wealth creation to sports. I cant help it since I'm a big sports buff and played a lot of ball when I was younger.

In baseball (or just about any sport), you can get on streaks. I had some great streaks in business and in baseball. But, I learned something spectacular that I think has made all the difference in the world.

Basically, when we have a good streak, many of us expect that streak to come to an end soon. We somewhat automatically think the streak will come to an end. Or, we limit the streak ourselves.

I remember being on a home run streak and everyone on my team, some at my school, my coaches, parents, etc were talking about the streak and when it would end. I wondered too. That type of thinking causes it to happen.

In Internet Marketing, the same things have happened.

For example, if you have a 70k launch, it's easy to stop there. I'm guilty of doing just that. I think many IMers do the same thing too. I think people reach their "threshold" somewhat and stop there. Then, move on to something completely new, instead of pushing forward to turn that 70k into 700k!

I mean, if you can generate 70k, you can amp it up and generate much more. If hundreds of people are buying, it can become thousands of people. For me, 70k is good. For others, 70k is life changing. Others, 70k is pocket change. We all have our own thresholds.

Someone just IM'ed me and said they landed their first offline client from following our advice. That client pays him 1k per month. To him, that's HUGE and he's stoked as can be and I'm stoked as can be for him. That can get everything rolling for him to where he starts achieving momentum.

But, that momentum can come to a stop if he buys into the anti-streak thoughts that seem automatic... psychological... subconsious... expected.

Instead, I believe we have to rearrange our brain cell connections... rewire ourselves... increase our wants and expectations... and ultimately, think more abundance.

Why do we do such things to ourselves, and limit ourselves so often? Do we think we are not worthy? Undeserving? Scared? Do we say such things to ourselves as, "As soon as I do (blank), then I'll be ready for (blank)"

Or, "If only I had (blank), then I could have (blank).

Internet marketing is no different. I used to just want to make a few extra grand to make extra money. Then, I raised it to quitting my job. Then, more and more. My expectations changed, my beliefs changed, my thresholds changed... etc

I told my wife recently as I was looking through old pictures... "remember when we lived in that apartment?" You know what she said?

"We've sure changed a lot".

Damn straight we did.

Eric Louviere
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